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Image Consultant and Conscious Shopper Carol Hanson Talks Up Women and Confidence

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Welcome to Smart Women Conversations with Yvonne DiVita.

My guest today, Carol Hanson, lives online in all of these places:

Her Website: Carol A. Hanson   
Facebook as Conscious Wardrobe Stylist  (check out her private group: Awesome Women with Style) 
On LinkedIn 
And, new, this month, learn how to make AWESOME video calls by signing up with Carol here 

Let's talk a little more about this smart, talented woman who has helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs feel and look fabulous every time they get dressed.

It's all about the ability to "EMPOWER WOMEN" to feel confident about their bodies. There's that word empower. I use it a lot at Nurturing Big Ideas. Empowerment is key to helping women achieve and succeed and to my mind, that starts with how you feel about yourself, including how you feel about how you look.

Carol says, "Helping [women] to acknowledge there is no ‘one size fits all’ or ideal body shape," is often a first step.

Her personal journey of overcoming an eating disorder will feel familiar to some, and sharing how it gives her more insight into understanding why women who say ‘I hate my body’ need a bit of outside help learning to undo all the years of self-doubt.

She shares this deeply personal story in the video. I love how she tells me, " I inspire women who have a WARDROBE FULL OF CLOTHES but nothing to wear to discover their sense of style and claim their identity, to feel confident every time they get dressed." Sound like anyone you know? It sure sounds like me!

As with many women who see a need in the marketplace and go on to fill that need, Carol leads by example. We begin our talk with how she is committed to creating awareness about reducing the impact fashion has on our planet.

"We MUST change our attitudes towards CONSUMPTION | shop consciously, ask questions of those who produce our clothes, and dispose of our clothes responsibly.

"The scale of the negative impact the fashion industry, and our consumption, has on the planet, is no longer a dirty secret. This is not just about the environmental cost, but the human cost as well, from farming through to manufacturing. The irreparable damage to our fragile eco-systems. Endangering the lives and health of some of the poorest people in the world. All in the name of fashion."

She tells us to shop consciously:

  • Pick colors that light you up
  • Make sure the style you pick works with your body type
  • Ask yourself, "Do I really love this?"
  • And, DOES IT GO with at least 3 other things in your closet at home.

A big reason I wanted her on the show is because of her desire to help women like me. Women who have closets full of clothes, but 'nothing to wear'. Or, who stand in the doorway of that closet and sigh, "I don't even know how to put together an outfit." Which is what I do all the time. Luckily I have Fashions by Francesca to help me!

Carol tells us, "I will help you look and feel fabulous, every time you get dressed. But more than that I want you to do this with a conscious style approach."

It helps that she loves clothes and accessories. She loves how clothes can make you feel - how truly empowering it is to express yourself through your wardrobe.

Watch and learn her personal journey - learn more about being a conscious consumer - learn what she means when she says, "Lumps and bumps show, but labels don't." And, maybe best of all, learn what it means "to tell someone HOW to look at you."

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Visit Nurturing Big Ideas and take your newly empowered vision of yourself all the way to the cover of that book you're writing - with the help of a book coach (me!) Fashions by Francesca - because my 9 year old daughter picks out my outfits for every Smart Women Conversations video.

Enjoy today's video with Image Consultant, Carol Hanson




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Carol Hanson

Thank you Yvonne it was so much fun talking to you and your granddaughter is already a real fashionista with a great sense of style!

Yvonne DiVita

Oh Carol, I am still fascinated by your knowledge of sustainable brands. Cotton being a water hungry plant really sticks with me.

I'll tell my granddaughter you approve of her fashion choices. She is a sweetie!

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