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The Nourishing Gurus Stephanie Goodman and Jane Schwartz

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What do you know about epigenetics and neuroplasticity?

Me, neither. I mean, I didn't know anything about those two tongue twisters until I met these two fantastic ladies. In fact, I had trouble just saying the words in this week's Smart Women Conversations show.

I am quite proud to be able to showcase Jane Schwartz RD and Stephanie Goodman CNC from The Nourishing Gurus.  They aren't merely about teaching women over 50 to eat better and feel better, they're about the joy. Stephanie uses that phrase in our talk and it will stick with me for a long time - feeling the joy of every day, rather than the drudgery of what to fix for breakfast. Not sure why I was focused on breakfast in this talk, but I was.

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What is this health and diet talk all about anyway?

What exactly do Stephanie and Jane do? If you ask them what they do, they'll tell you they help women over 50 create sustainable long term healthy eating habits by eliminating diets, overwhelm, and kitchen chaos. The focus, they tell me, is reinvention and the journey of how you got to where you are today – including how you got over stumbling blocks or hurricane winds trying to hold you back.

There are a lot of power words in that statement, ladies. Sustainable - Overwhelm - Chaos and REINVENTION and JOURNEY . If you watch our show or read my blog posts you know I'm very much about journey and reinvention.

You'll love the 3-pronged approach they use, which can fit into any lifestyle, encompasses not only wholesome energizing foods but powerful habit and mindset shifts.

It's All in Your Head

We talk a good bit about the mindset shifts as I find that to be a big part of my issue with diet and health. I know what I know, and as many of you, I know what I should be doing or eating, but I often don't do it. Because - of one thing or another. In fact, I admit that I am more informed now, as a 'senior' adult, and I eat far more veggies than I ever did as a child, but I am still a slave to that concept of 'diet'. The one that says, only eat this or that and lose weight and feel better.  And I try it and it works for a bit and then I go back to my old ways and I feel worse.

Anyone else in that spot?

Jane and Stephanie use the 'umbrella' approach, they tell me. It's a way of dealing with all the self-sabotaging we do to ourselves, we ladies over 50. They don't want us to go away with "diet guilt". 

I love the part where Jane asks, "Our approach is to ask, what do you love to eat?" So, for instance, if you hate asparagus, don't eat it. But, I want to know why you hate asparagus! You need to find a good way to cook it, it's delicious! Still, the goal isn't to push foods just for the sake of 'nutrition'. 

Stephanie, says, "We want to bring joy to diet and health." There it is. That joy word. If you watch the show, you will leave with joy in your heart. I promise.

Back to Having Control Over Our Aging Process

While most of the discussion is focused on empowerment and good health, making lifestyle changes, we do have a great exchange about epigenetics and neuroplasticity. And if you don't know what those are, neither did I.

The answer is simple but also a bit complicated. In a nutshell, I learned that "these concepts prove that we do have more control over our aging process than we realize."

Watch the video and learn - it could be the nudge you need to make those changes you've thought about for some time now. Changes to life and health. For you and for your family.

Hint: ask yourself this: can you change your genetic makeup by changing your lifestyle?

Jane tells me, "A famous saying is, 'Genes load the gun, but lifestyle pulls the trigger." Pretty profound.

If you're serious about your health, and I know you are, get their Immune Tune Up Kit here.

Need an ebook to get started, they have one: Get their 10 Tips to Amp Up Your Energy and Metabolism After 50 here

Just want a little  nudge, something to help you snack better, healthier? They have that too: Nutrient Packed Snacks that Give You  Energy. 

Now, on to the show!




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