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Women Flix Networking Co-Founder Talks Women's Empowerment and Daily Rituals

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I had the pleasure of talking with Yola Bastos of Women Flix (interesting story about that name, watch and see) this week on Smart Women Conversations.

Yola's website: Women Flix 

Yola's Podcast: Entrepreneurs Talk

Yola's beauty site: Miey Beauty 

I am fascinated by Yola's journey in the last three years - how and why she is where she is today - in London rather than Portugal. As with so many smart, talented women, Yola's adventure involves • People • Beliefs • Empowerment and the desire to give back. 

Yola is from Portugal but living in London, England for the last 17 years. She is a single mother with a beautiful daughter named Djamila who is now 22 years old and still living with her.

Yola is the Co-Founder of Women Flix networking community focused on empowering and motivating women around the world to achieve their dreams. The plot thickens when you learn that this was not what Yola set out to do. She set out to be in the world of beauty, and still is. But, hearing the stories her customers would tell, inspired her to create an online community designed to bring women's voices together in support of each other, no matter what dream you are dreaming.

To quote her, "I've been doing so many different things all my life that I only can say that life is beautiful and I'm capable of anything I want for myself." It's in Escape Yola book cover imagethat belief of self that Yola is able to give back, and to receive. We are all in this world to give back but too often we forget that we are also here to receive.

I was negligent about one important thing, during this conversation. Yola's book. We don't talk about it (how did I forget to mention it? well, we were just talking and sharing and telling stories and the time went by far too fast, that's how),  but I do not want to forget to give you her peak into Yola's Book: Escape: A Comprehensive Life Coach book . 

This smart conversation is full of the kind of focus I present at Nurturing Big Ideas, and it's exactly why Yola had to be a guest. She's about  all of the same things, the empowerment of women, the encouragement of women, the kind of support that helps women achieve their dreams and she does this through community, the Women Flix community.

Today, the world is our community and Yola created her network to be a part of that world-wide community, to bring women's voices together from everywhere, not just her small region or neighborhood. Yes, I believe in neighborhood, because that's where we start... in our immediate neighborhood.

Today, that can be London or Binghamton or Portugal. It's once we establish our neighborhood that we should then branch out to a community of voices the world over. Listen as Yola shares her dream for giving women a place to share their voices and their stories and to learn what they need to learn, to be successful. Yola calls it a "shout to the world!"

Learn about the value of daily rituals, and staying in touch with the woman inside, as well as learning to connect with women the world over. 

Learn what Yola means when she says being online gives her freedom.

Learn how powerful it is to say, every day, to your mirror, "Hello, beautiful!" and embrace your beauty in its entirety, as a woman. We end our talk with a description of a program Yola is creating - watch to the end and learn more about that! 

More places to find Yola: Instagram and Facebook - @womenflix

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Enjoy today's show.



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