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August 2020

What if I could help you read faster by doing one little thing? One small, tiny, minuscule thing? What if you could forget all the other advice you've researched about how to become a faster reader - all in an attempt to be a better leader and business professional - and do one thing that would help improve your reading skills dramatically? Read more →

Yes, when you have a book you are now "the author of" and become more sought after than before you wrote your book, but that doesn't have to mean neglecting your business.  It means accepting speaking opportunities when and where you can, and selling books in the back of the room. Meanwhile, you are now the expert in that business you wrote about in your book, and the audience wants to know all about it, all about you, and how they can work with you. Read more →

I'm here to turn you into an author of a book. A solid, inspirational, educational, entertaining book that shares the story of you with the world. When that happens, you become a whole new person. Actually, you become several new persons. Let's talk about that. Your role as a writer encompasses more than just holding up the book you wrote when you attend networking events. And, it's far more than announcing to everyone you know on Facebook that you wrote a book.  Read more →

A book cover is more than the pretty picture people see on the front of your book. If you've traditionally published, you may have a paper cover, over the actual printed book. This is where the pictures go; yours on the back, and a design on the front. If you're already wildly famous, if you're Taylor Swift, for instance, your picture would be on the front cover, not the back. In that case, it's the fame that sells the book, not the book content. Read more →