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If you're contemplating writing a book about any of that - a book you will want to take on the road in 2021 to speaking engagements (on the road being via Zoom most likely, but on the road, nonetheless), I'd like to work with you as you create your book. To get you started, here are some of the books from Nurturing Big Ideas. Read more →

Waste happens at all stages of the supply chain from the cutting room, over production and then consumer behavior.    15% of all textiles produced end up on the cutting room floor! (this was eye-opening) 100 billion clothing products are manufactured annually (40% of which are marked down). On average in the US – people throw away 70lbs of clothing/person/year. (who finds this a bit shocking? I do) Read more →

It means people sometimes just throw up on the page. Ack! What an expression! We say that in writing because a lot of new writers, untried writers, just getting started writers, do that. They write garbage. Not because they mean to. Not even because they think it's good - well, mostly. Some of them think it's good and then they come to me and I disabuse them of that idea. Read more →