Smart Women In Smart Conversations - A Convocation of Eagles
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Smart Conversations - A Convocation of Eagles Part II

Women of smart conversations
by Yvonne DiVita

A convocation of eagles started last Friday. Do visit the post and check out all of those smart women, also. But today, we're focused on our next group of brilliant women who deserve sharing. My purpose in collecting them into one blog post is to offer you a way to see these women, without being overwhelmed by all the videos on our video page. 

What makes up a Smart Woman? Women I invite to be on Smart Conversations? Well, first, they're smart. Next, they're approachable. Next, they have a message, a purpose, a story. And they want to share it with you. And they understand the concept of reinvention because they're been there, done that, wore the T-shirt out.

Today, I will share some of the women I've talked with who have books. The books in our conversation may be their first, or their second, or part of a series. The book is not the story. The story is how these women wrote the book, and why. The story is how these women took the book idea, created the product, and used it in their business. 

We start with Kirsten Bunch of Next Act.

Kirsten bunch with yvonneKirsten Bunch helps us learn how to take our power to a new level, a next act, and how she - well-traveled and well-connected - came to understand that her life needed to change, in order for happiness and fulfillment to be a part of who and what she is. 

It’s about “finding your root,” she tells us.

It’s about women who want to “fix a problem” and “make a better world.” 

It's about being a "changemaker" - because all of life is change. 

I have to admit I really got immersed in her book and felt as if this woman was too important not to share!

Visit Kirsten on her website for more information.


Our next Smart Woman is Margo Lovett. Margo believes a woman's voice is a powerful tool, and those of us who don't learn to use it properly, may languish in Margo her business her voicestruggles that could be overcome. It so affected Margo that she wrote a book about it, Her Business - Her Voice - Her Reinvention: How I Went from Game Show Hopping to International Show Host, Author & Speaker in 1 Year.   

Margo is so articulate and experienced, the confidence she exudes is the confidence I wish all woman had! But, know this - that confidence came after a good bit of trial and tribulation, and the realization that if she wanted to make her life the dream it could be, she needed to be the boss! (I talked about being your own boss in my weekly Smart News - are you a subscriber?)

Learn more about Margo in the video. Pay close attention to our discussion of her podcast show! Remember, podcasting is an important and easy way to market your business, today. Margo knows it well! 

Smart conversations carol bryantMy friend, Carol Bryant, is a dog lover of the highest order. If you know me, you know I am a dog lover of the highest order, also. Carol shares photos and stories of Dexter, her boy, across social media, daily. 

Watch and learn how Carol came to understand her place in the Universe. A place, she tells us, in the health and wellness of Cocker Spaniels. Understand the power of this - she's drilled down in a large niche and claimed her spot: cocker spaniels.

No, she is not a veterinarian, nor is she an employee of a veterinary office. So how can she write about the health and wellness of Cocker Spaniels?

It's her sincere devotion to this breed, and this breed only. She does her research. She interviews experts. And, she's lived through experiences only people who own this breed can understand. She shares and offers advice, always noting that you need to talk to your own veterinarian - but in the meantime, stopping at her blog for a conversation can't hurt.  Want to know more about her book on how to make money blogging? Click the link.

Having Anastasia Button, Generational Expert, on the show was a gift. When I met her, via Tom, I knew she had to be one of my Smart Conversations. Smart woman  conversation with Anastasia Button

Not only was she smart and talented, she already had a story to tell, and she isn't even a baby boomer woman! 

In the original blog post, I wrote: "Can we all agree to just throw the labels out the window?" Labels we give each other to identify our place in the world ( Baby boomer, gen X, gen Y, gen Z, whatever!) Throw out the labels because this woman is worth listening to, no matter her age or place in the world. 

I was impressed when Anastasia called herself a "cross-generational expert." It's a recognition to the need for all of us to work together. I give her oodles of credit for figuring out the #newjobnewlife hashtag and for continuing to grow and reinvent herself. Get her book #newjobnewlife 

Smart woman  conversation with Katherine McGraw Patterson (1)If you're at all like me, and so many other women, you're terrified of networking! All those people! All that chatter! There were times I froze before entering the room, at a new networking event. At one event, the woman behind me had to gently nudge me forward to get me to walk into the room. 

Well, all that can change if you read Katherine McGraw Patterson's book, Lunching with Lions. First, visit her video and watch our conversations about the book, and about being an introvert who wants to be a business professional, but doesn't want to go out and meet people.

Hint - you don't want to be "Bob." Nope. Bob is not someone to exemplify. Poor Bob.

Katherine is also the Founder of WEBO - Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Network, a place you might need to check out? Maybe today? Tell her I sent you. But first, watch our conversation together. It's part of being prepared.

I'm over 60 years of age. I admit it. Many of the women I work with and know are in my age group. That label I tried to get rid of with Anastasia, above, that Lorraine Miano blog photo
baby boomer label, is a part of who I am whether I like it or not.

Lorraine Miano taught me I could ignore the label and get on with my life. Her book, The Magic of Menopause: A Holistic Guide to Get Your Happy Back! changed so much for me, I can't praise it enough.

Our conversation gets to the nitty gritty of life beyond....shhhhh, it's a loaded topic and no one talks about it out loud.... MENOPAUSE!!! In the video, Lorraine demonstrates how she epitomizes the very idea she is so passionate about: that menopause is not an ending, it's a NEW beginning!

As I said in the video, and I believe more now than ever before: "What I really love about Lorraine and her book is her offer to "guide" us through this jungle of misinformation and confusion, as we deal with peri-menopause and menopause. Yes, it involves nutrition (she is a certified health coach and hormone expert) - can you say "green leafy vegetables!"

Smart woman conversations debbie allen authorWe'll conclude with a business woman whose book, Success is Easy, brings us back to our focus in 2021 of learning how to have a successful business. 

When I talked with Debbie Allen, I did so to bring a woman with vast experience on the show. A woman who knows how to get over rocks and tree roots, no matter how big. A woman who envisioned her success - who believes in the idea that it's easy, not hard. A woman who works tirelessly to give others the benefit of her experience and insight. 

How does she do this? By being shameless. As her book's subtitle says, "shameless, no nonsense strategies to win in business," Debbie gets her face, her voice, her presence, her expertise out there- with no apologies.

Can you learn to be shameless? Can you learn how to stand up and speak out and bring the right attention to your business, your book, your purpose? Debbie knows you can. Check her out and get her book.


I'll be posting more Convocations of Eagles this year. But my focus will be on books, writing books, using a book to enhance your business's message. Becoming "the author of" is a proven, successful way to build community, respect, and business. It is also a proven way to create more products and offerings, as you grow your business in the next year.

And, all of that can happen before the book is even done! Check out our Books & Programs page for more information. Email me your big book idea and schedule your discovery call. 


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