Smart Conversations: with Tracey Dobbins and Yvonne DiVita
Smart Conversations - A Convocation of Eagles Part II

Smart Women In Smart Conversations - A Convocation of Eagles

Convocation of eagles

by Yvonne DiVita from Nurturing Big Ideas

I've had the pleasure to talk with dozens of amazingly smart women, over the years. I've done some of that in Smart Conversations, here on Nurturing Big Ideas. Other times, the conversations were with folks interviewing me. Still other times, I served on a panel of experts. During all of it, I have been blessed with new friendships, great learning, and insight into the many ways we ladies reinvent ourselves, over and over again. 

Today's post is a convocation - the word for a group of eagles, and make no bones about it, these women soar like eagles - for your viewing and listening pleasure. 

The women in these videos share stories. They share advice. They share insight. They give freely and openly and hold back nothing. You must watch these videos. You must take notes. You must embrace the message - that we are all magic. That we are all goddesses. That we are faith based in many ways. That our nurturing souls are the best part of who we are. 

Watch and share. These women deserve to be shared. Don't you agree?

Aimee Beltran of Irresitible You.
Smart woman aimee beltranThis woman has done more to help me with body image and self esteem than almost anyone. You will learn so much from this video, but the biggest take away is her focus on each and every member of her community. She lives the belief that we are all full of great things.

Aimee brings real life experience to everything she teaches.

That's what I believe we should all do. Watch and learn from her.

Embrace Blissapline with Shawna Schuh
Smart conversations shawna schuh      I adore this woman! This woman, who was instrumental in helping me achieve my award, Woman of the Year 2015, in Women in the Pet Industry Network, taught me how to speak better, how to share a story with a group, and how to be on stage.

I look back and wonder how I did any of that before meeting her.

Learn what she means by blissapline.

Conscious Entrepreneur Kathleen Gage
Smart woman conversation with kathleen gageKathleen Gage is an entrepreneur who has reinvented herself more times than I can count. This woman has more experience and insight in her little finger, than I have in my whole body.

Her focus on Plant Based Eating and her Power Up for Profit, where she practices being a conscious entrepreneur, are both places you should be.

Why? Because we each need to look forward to the future - with our eyes wide open about our health and our businesses. 

The Red Thread with Tamsen Webster
I won't tell you what the Red Thread is. Watch and learn from  Tamsen. This woman takes a Greek myth and turns it into a strategy for business! How creative _ smart woman  conversation with red thread tamsen websterand smart is that? 

I was lucky enough to connect to her through my daughter, whose video is last in this list.

Take that to heart - who are you connected to that could bring a voice as fantastic as Tamsen Webster's to your attention?

A voice you could share, as I share Tamsen here. 


Moxie Exchange in business with Maureen Berkner Boyt Smart women conversations Maureen Berkner Boyt
Maureen Berkner Boyt has a smile as big as all out doors. She's full of enthusiasm and talent she has barely touched, yet. I use the word "electrifying" to describe her and it's spot on!

Maureen says, "If you don't risk, if you don't crawl out on the skinny branch and even fall off sometimes, how will you grow?"

Are you willing? What's your skinny branch?

It's all for the laughter with Lisa David Olson
Lisa David Olson This woman raises my spirits, every single day. Her Facebook page, linked in the post, will have you laughing out loud, in real life. Yes, that's LOL IRL. Because we live with acronyms every day, don't we?

Lisa continues to find humor in unlikely places.

This is something so important during these times of strife, I urge you to watch this video and visit her page - and buy her book! Laughs on Wry! So terrific!

Empowerment through Money Management with Joy Alford-Brand Smart conversations Joy Alford Brand
Empowerment through money. It's not a dream. It's a vision. It's something to learn. It's an accomplishment to work on achieving.
We all have to deal with money, every day. But entrepreneurs have unique needs in this area. Joy is your expert.

You know you need to get ahead of tax time, so watch this and connect with her, to make your money problems and your money
successes be as they should be. 

How to Use your Physicality in Your Journey with daughter, Chloe DiVita
Smart conversations Chloe DiVita (1)I share this video not merely because this is my amazing daughter. I share it because we all need to be more aware of our presence, in video, today. We have presence, regardless of what the video is for or about. Your ‘be there’ presence is what she talks about. 

You will be there, in that little box, and your presence is important.

After presence, what advice is offered in the video: Own your purpose. Watch and share. And then watch again. And share again.


Share all of these. They serve a purpose. It's more a purpose of women being open, honest, and authentic. All to help other women succeed. Be one of them. 

More Smart Conversations and Yvonne Talks videos here on the YouTube Channel. Become a subscriber.

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Kathleen Gage

Thrilled to be part of this amazing line up. Thanks for all you do.

Kamira Gayle

I'm not familiar with any of these wonderful women except Chloe as I'm a member of the BlogPaws Community. What a wonderful highlight of all these empowering women. I'll have to check out their videos/blogs.

Yvonne DiVita

@Kathleen, the work you do to teach talented business professionals the ins and outs of podcasting is something I feel strongly about sharing. It was my pleasure to have YOU in this group.

Yvonne DiVita

@Kamira, how lovely to see you here. These women are just the beginning of what I plan to share over the next weeks. Smart Conversations has so much to give, so many women to share, I hope you and many other women will come by weekly to check out what's new. Thank you for commenting. \

Isn't BlogPaws pawsome? Gosh, I miss it!

Britt K

I love everything about this. Not only do these women have so much great information to share, benefitting all of us in one way or another, but even more than that - I love the fact that you're using your platform here to help raise other women up. Women supporting women. I can't wait to sit down and dig through each of the powerful and inspirational women that you've shared here and take in some great tips and advice on how to live my best life.

Yvonne DiVita

Hi Britt, seems like I missed this amazing comment! Yes, my work is designed to raise women's voices everywhere. I do that by encouraging and helping them write books, but also by these Smart Conversations. Let me know if you watch any others and what resonates with you.

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