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Mitali Deypurkaystha, aka "the Authority Creator," is a former ghost writer turned book coach. This woman brings her years of copy writing and ghost writing experience to her work with clients who are writing a book but need that extra, professional help.

Mital's written 7 books as a ghost writer, helping her clients make more than $5million in revenue - and she talks about that at the end of the conversation, so don't go away too early! It's her life's mission to help coaches and consultants succeed.

Her newest book, (the first with her name on the cover) The Freedom Master Plan, is due out in March, and you'll want your copy so watch the show, listen well, and find out how to make that happen. 

At about 5 minutes in, you'll hear her reveal how the authority level of her clients went up, when they published their book. They weren't smarter, or taller, or better speakers, but they had added more authority to their role by writing a book. She talks authority, well, because she has claimed her authority, and recommend you claim yours.

"It's all about perception," she tells us, at 5:20. But whose perception? Yours or mine? Or hers? Watch and learn. 

At 7 minutes in she waves a magic wand to make it all easier, for those authors who lament, "But writing a book is so hard!" But maybe, just maybe, using that magic wand is not the answer. 

I found it fascinating to listen to Mitali talk about "getting over the hump." This does not refer to getting through Wednesday, as part of our work week. It refers to all the work involved after you write the book. After you put your pen down, or give your tired fingers a rest. All that stuff she didn't know about when she was a ghost writer. 

I love it when she says, "Speech is power," a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson at 14 minutes in:

“Speech is power; speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.”

As with our work, her work allows her authors to gain more and better speaking opportunities. One particular client of Mitali's earns six figures speaking. 

Our talk is so full of reveals, true insight into writing and publishing, you'll want to watch more than once. Mitali believes, as we do at Nurturing Big Ideas, that being introduced as "the author of" - creates freedom and opportunity. Hence, the title of her book, The Freedom Master Plan.

I want to add something important here. The young woman who is a dynamo in the book coaching business, does what I do. She helps people write books. There are those out there who would say, why are you promoting a competitor? I would answer, how can I not? She's brilliant! And while we do much the same thing, we don't do it the same way, and nor do we work with exactly the same people. 

There is abundance in the world, all around us. In that abundance is opportunity to collaborate and share. I was so impressed by what Mitali is doing, I had to share her. I know I will be following her rise to even higher authority, and maybe someday, she and I will do something together. Now, that would give me a lot of joy, and it would give listeners or viewers a tremendous dose of authority, in the book writing and publishing world. 

I'll close by sharing that Mital is having a book launch party, on ZOOM, no less, March 12, 2021 and you're all invited! Click the link.

Yes, there will be entertainment - a magician, a soul & jazz singer, and more. Plus, Q & A. Bring your questions!

Visit Mital's blog at the freedom master plan and leave a comment.

Find her here on LinkedIn.

And Facebook.

Nurturing Big Ideas presents Smart Conversations regularly. Subscribe to our YouTube channel be part of our growing community. It's the Smart thing to do. 



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