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A Soldier's Hands Conversation with Trish Shallenberger

Trish Shallenberger Smart Conv 4-1-2021

by Yvonne DiVita 

I was watching a FB live one afternoon, where Pam Prior (remember her from a Smart Conversation just a couple of weeks ago?) was talking with Trish Shallenberger, but I was only half paying attention. My mind was on other things, and while the conversation they were having was interesting, I needed to get an email out and then...suddenly...something I heard made me jerk in my seat, turn my head around, and lean into the monitor to see what was going on.

I didn't want to just hear it. I wanted to see it! Because hearing and seeing together make a powerful combination for communication! (words and pictures together, of course)

The subject was about our service men and women. A story of how Trish had met a solider on a plane and decided to help him with his rough, red hands. After using the lotion she gave him, she offered to send him more, to wherever he was deployed. But he said, "No. I can't accept your help." The reason why will make you cry.

Trish did not take this lightly. In the conversation with Pam Prior, I learned how Trish went on to help hundreds of soldiers, by creating a company called A Soldier's Hands. "A non-profit that cares cares for our deployed military, integrates youth education, volunteer support, fundraising, and leadership in a uniquely touching way." 

In this video below, a Nurturing Big Ideas' Smart Conversation, Trish and I talk about that fateful day she happened to be on that plane and how she happened to sit in that seat next to a young man who was a solider and how they got talking.

7:40 When she offered her help to him, his answer was a sheepish, no. He couldn't accept her help knowing that everyone else in his unit would not have the same. And that started it. That started transformation in Trish's life. Because Trish took the leap and said, "I'll help everyone in your unit. How many are there?" Let's say it was more than 10. Or 20. Or 30.

It didn't matter how many there were. Trish had made a promise. A commitment. And, once she got home, she started making things happen!!!

At 9:33, Santa Claus enters the conversation.

At 10:25 I try to remember this quote: "It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things." ~ Elinor Smith - American Aviator

The conversation continues as we talk about moonshine and a battalion of 800!

Trish tells us that, "It doesn't take that many people to make things happen," when I ask about the volunteers. To which, I say, today, things happen when you have a leader like Trish.

At about 30:00 minutes in, as we talk about the story, the power of what she did, about the divine intervention, Trish quietly says, "Good things come when this story is told."

Know this - A Soldier's Hands is a non-profit organization caring for our deployed military, that integrates youth education, volunteer support, fundraising, and leadership in a uniquely touching way. <<<  "in a uniquely touching way" - if nothing else, watch to learn about that!

Trish, herself, has spoken to 1000s as a guest speaker for corporate events, local events, and veteran organizations. She has been featured in Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Town & Gown Magazine, NBC10, and more. She's been on podcasts including Snack & Learn with Pam Prior, setyourselfree, Betsy Pake, Journey with Jen Poulson, and The Editor's Desk

I hope my sharing this story and asking you to share it, will help make more good things happen. I urge you to listen to your nudges. They're trying to move you in the right direction. I'm sure glad Trish listened to hers. It was my honor to have her on Smart Conversations. For more information on what YOU can do, go to this link.

Last little note - Trish has this phenomenal saying in her email signature that offers me inspiration every time I see it:

"Not everyone can enlist to serve, but we can all serve the enlisted."

Oh, and on the back wall, behind Trish, the words, "You are enough" speak loud and clear to me. I know they also speak to my husband, Tom Collins of Old Dog Learning. Because sometimes we humans, caught up in one thing or another, forget that we are enough. Each and every one of us, is enough. Embrace your enough.

Please visit the website and learn what YOU can do. From right where you are. 

Find Trish on Facebook 

Instagram: @asoldiershands

Twitter @soldiershands

Subscribe to this YouTube channel for more conversations about life, business, books, and why it's so dreary in downtown Binghamton all the time.



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