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Pam Prior Smart Conv

A Smart Conversation with Pam Prior and Yvonne DiVita

She's One of Those! Oh my!

When I met Pam Prior I wasn't sure what to think. She is certainly a dynamic personality, and after checking out her Facebook page, I knew she was one of "those people"... but I decided not to hold it against her. And am I glad I didn't!!!

What does being one of "those people" even mean? It means, like my kids, but especially my eldest, Chloe (pronounced Kl-oh... not Klo-e, thank you very much) who began her entrepreneur's life as a bookkeeper, Pam is a numbers person. She makes poetry with numbers. She reads your tea leaves in numbers. She looks at your palm and tells you the future in numbers.

No, that's not right. Yes, she's full of magic. Magic of the highest order, but she doesn't read tea leaves or palms. And I don't know if she writes poetry, of any sort. I made all that up.

What she does is close the space between what has to happen in your business and the boring dry space. 

At five minutes in we talk abut the reasons people are afraid of numbers. Fear from where? Shame, a little? Embarrassment?

At seven minutes in there's a tiger. Yep, a tiger. In your face.

Let's Talk About the Magic

Truth is, if you ask Pam, she'll say she's "the dynamic opposite of every green-eyeshade accountant you’ve ever imagined."

And yes, she's written a book. She is the author of Your First CFO: The Accounting Cure for Small Business Owner, a best-seller that makes Finance fun and accessible for all entrepreneurs. But even more, she is also the entertaining and informative host of the “Cash Flow” Podcast on iTunes, and founder of the novel new Profit Concierge™ experience for entrepreneurs. 

(notice how Pam uses some of the same words I use, but her focus is on the numbers story, a novel approach, don't you think?)

As someone who walks the walk and talks the talk, Pam brings her numbers expertise to fellow entrepreneurs in an approachable, joyful, and engaging way; all to help unleash their cash flow and kickstart their business engines. 

(don't you love "business engines"? It speaks to me!)

But, it's her magic that makes the difference. Her magic is removing, once and for all, the frustration, fear, overwhelm, and tired old money stories that handicap so many of us in our businesses. To do that she delivers finance in a completely new way; yes, for those of us who are entrepreneurs, but founded on 30 years of Fortune 50 and Private Equity corporate financial leadership experience.

At eleven minutes in, we talk about how numbers lie! After all, they're emotional, just like words.

Clearing Away the Muck!

With Profit Concierge™, Pam weaves together all of the components – bookkeeping, accounting, forecasting, cash flow - into one seamless and totally new Finance Experience for entrepreneurs, clearing away the muck and allowing them to focus on their goals with full peace of mind.

She is committed to transforming entrepreneurial finance and accounting from nightmare to best friend for her clients and audiences of all sizes; and has been described as everything from “CFO Quarterback” to “Financial Fairy Godmother”, to “Friend in the Foxhole”. And she is, indeed, all of those things.

But, most of all, she's down to earth. She's relatable. She's approachable. And she speaks clear English! Yes, words you can understand, about numbers! 

Watch for the word PLAYGROUND. I'm not going to tell you where it is. But, it's important.

Finance is Fun

In this fun and educational video, and I don't say that lightly, you will learn how finance is fun. Say it with me, Finance is fun. Pam Prior is a storyteller. She uses words to talk about numbers and crafts a story to help entrepreneurs like myself, and many of you, talk about finances, understand finances, and stop being afraid of finances. Maybe even learn to forecast for yourself.

If you're an entrepreneur, watch this and take notes. I took a lot of notes! I plan on having Pam back again soon.

Any questions you want to ask her?

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