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For Heneka, eating right, exercising, meditating, praying, and being centered are all necessary parts of her entrepreneurial journey forward. She does all of this, pays attention to all of it, because she had a serious health scare not that long ago. Read more →

Let's look at this closely - she was 61 years old when she decided to do this thing - this teaching social media thing - at a time when most people her age, my age, were not even on social. Think about it - she made that decision eight years ago and you, or your grandma, or your aunt, were probably still tsk tsking everyone else for hopping on the Twitter, Facebook band wagon. Read more →

The tale gets interesting about ten minutes in when Melanie shares her story of heading out for a yoga retreat, overseas, and becoming stuck in Paris. With no luggage. Then, on to the retreat the next day, still without luggage. She learned a good bit about asking for help and understanding that it's better to be 'in the moment' than to rely on strictly laid out plans. And, to let other people dress you. Well, that's in the video - I'm not explaining here. Watch and learn.  Read more →