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Melanie Hicks Smart Conv 5-17-2021

by Yvonne DiVita

Melanie Talks Journey

Let's talk about stepping out of your comfort zone. Yes, let's. This Smart Conversation with Melanie Hicks of Becoming Congruent, takes us on a journey in pursuit of congruence. Much like myself, Melanie was prolific as a child and wrote her first book at aged 10! But her book wasn't a novel or a short story made longer by continued writing.

Hers was a book about travel. A book to entice people to visit one of her favorite places. "Who knew I had the marketing gene, way back then?" she laughs now.

This conversation brings so much to life - including advice and encouragement, and I know you'll want to listen more than once, and share with friends. 

A little background, however:

 Dr. Melanie Hicks is an education and career consultant with more than two decades of experience. She has been published in numerous magazines and online publications, including but not limited to:; Authority Magazine; Marie Claire Magazine; and Moc Ideja, a grassroots policy manual for lawmakers in Bosnia funded by the US Department of State. Melanie holds a Doctor of Philosophy from Florida State University and has won numerous awards for writing and public service.

Her latest endeavor, a book titled Incongruent: My Misaligned Life and the Trek to Becoming Congruent advises us to become a flashlight and a mirror. While not published just yet, it will be out soon. Visit the link and watch the book trailer. In a little over three minutes it will start you thinking about your next journey and questioning some of the choices you've made so far in your life. 

Incongruent takes the reader on a journey through Nepal as well as a journey to amplify the authentic self. 

Life without luggage

Our conversation here is not just a story about the book, however. Our conversation is a change version for the everyday person. It's how Melanie took a year long journey to find meaning in  her life and to explore and experience things she was afraid of. (when was the last time YOU did that? not travel so much as face things you're afraid of?)

The tale gets interesting about ten minutes in when Melanie shares her story of heading out for a yoga retreat, overseas, and becoming stuck in Paris. With no luggage. Then, on to the retreat the next day, still without luggage. She learned a good bit about asking for help and understanding that it's better to be 'in the moment' than to rely on strictly laid out plans. And, to let other people dress you. Well, that's in the video - I'm not explaining here. Watch and learn. 

As a child, she did learn how to make the detailed plans. She traveled with her parents in a large RV, several weeks in the summer, through most of the contiguous United States. It was during these trips that she was exposed to the detailed planning needed for such a trek, by her father. but... she says, "there were also balls of yarn by the wayside of the road," compliments of her mother. You'll have to watch the show to figure out what that means.

I especially love the parts where she talks about Steven Cope's book The Great Work of Your Life. His story, another amazing journey into the unknown, taking paths not directed by well meaning friends and family, but by the instinct in your heart telling you, "Do this, not that," helped Melanie learn to face things she'd spent years denying. Melanie talks extensively about this and about why this book is so important to her. Perhaps it should be on all of our bookshelves?

To find Melanie and connect with her, follow these links:

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Melanie on Instagram

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Melanie Sue Contently

Make sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel for regular Smart Conversations. One of them might just change your life.



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