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Joyce Feustel  Smart Conv 5-21-2021

by Yvonne DiVita - Smart, Sassy, Bold, and Brassy - Your Dedicated Book Coach

Yes, Joyce and I are 'of a certain age' whatever that means. To us, it doesn't mean anything because we aren't letting age slow us down.

This Smart Conversation is sure to be one of my favorites for many weeks to come. Talking with Joyce about how to use online tools like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn effectively, sparked new ideas in my brain on how to help my authors be more successful also.

Did you know, authors out there, that LinkedIn is also good for branding? Did you know it's a proven way to connect with other authors you admire or want to get to know better? Did you know all that networking is really up to you and, oh by the way, you can do it quite successfully on LinkedIn, if you learn how.

Talking with Joyce on how she came to start her company Boomer Social Media Tutor to begin with might resonate with some of you out there. I think it's always fun to hear the back story - and Joyce's is unique. Not only did she get encouragement from a boss - to do this on her own, with people of her "generation," she was still employed when that happened.

Let's look at this closely - she was 61 years old when she decided to do this thing - this teaching social media thing - at a time when most people her age, my age, were not even on social. Think about it - she made that decision eleven years ago and you, or your grandma, or your aunt, were probably still tsk tsking everyone else for hopping on the Twitter, Facebook band wagon.

But Joyce's energy and her passion for learning new things were all she needed to tackle this big idea. Insert important note here: the manager who encouraged her was 35 at the time, a good bit younger than Joyce. And people say inter-generational learning and collaborating doesn't exist. (Do they say that? Who says that? If this doesn't change your mind and their minds also, well, you'll only have yourself to blame when it becomes the next 'big' thing. You didn't hear it here first.)

I asked Joyce to tell us the difference between LinkedIn and Facebook. Everyone seems to "get" Facebook. No matter your age, you know how Facebook works. But new, emerging small business owners, many of whom are over 55 because they're doing this in their 'retirement', don't get it. They shy away from it.

"Look at People magazine," Joyce said (this will be verbatim, so watch the video and get all of the advice). "You expect a certain kind of content there - gossipy articles, things about famous people, the stuff you read while you're in line at the grocery store. But, pick up the Wall Street Journal, and now you're standing up straight. Your mind is focused on the story and facts presented, as if you're in a business conference room, not at the grocery store."

People magazine is Facebook. Wall Street Journal is LinkedIn.

That's just the tip of the iceberg here. BTY, at about 10 minutes in there's BREAKING NEWS! Yep, breaking news about LinkedIn. Watch and learn. It's pretty phenomenal, especially for writers.

It doesn't hurt, of course, that Joyce has master's degrees in education and business. Or that she's worked in the public, nonprofit, and private sectors of business. She's a true professional but also so approachable you can bring all your friends to her for training, and be confident she will have answers (or find answers if she doesn't know that answer right then) to all their LinkedIn questions, without judgment. Her goal is to keep it simple, easy, and fun. Just like our conversation.

In the rest of the conversation learn about how Toastmasters influenced Joyce's path and how authors should be using LinkedIn for more than general 'conversation' about them and their books. LinkedIn can be a powerful tool, if you have someone like Joyce to teach you about it.

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