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Senior Resort Living in a New Sanctuary Model - A Talk with Jaye Miller

Jaye Miller Smart Conv 7-26-2021

A very Smart Conversation with Jaye Miller and Yvonne DiVita

I met Jaye Miller through Kae Wagner of North Star Marketing when Kae had a group of us work with her becoming better speakers and then featured us on a business summit, a couple of months ago.

Jaye is confident, well-spoken, and full of energy. I always thought she was among the best speakers on the roster, when we did our summit. Recently, she sent a newsletter around that talked about a program she wanted to share (among many other insightful and valuable content) that involved animals. You know me. I'm a sucker for anything animal related.

The Ensemble Trifecta

In the newsletter, Jaye wrote this: "To get the 'easy stuff' out of the way skip this paragraph if you don't like critters, or forward to an animal lover: I noticed in some research there's no solid network for volunteers or veterinarians along transport routes AKA 'everywhere' when families or rescues need to get animals going by ground from one destination to another, including those who avoid transport via cargo or air, because of potential dangers, regardless of price. Apparently, there's a serious need or gap to be filled, so I started a fundraiser that will lead to a dedicated non profit, that will serve other functions connected to the second part of this message, though it's not directly part of the appeal. If you want the full backstory, just let me know."

And I was hooked. I ask you to click the link and donate. Please!

But, let me tell you more about Jaye. She is the founder and Business Relationship Strategist for Haven Partners Group, a property holding company based in the US that offers three proven profiting models on 15+ acre properties with housing for active seniors, excursion guests, and private conferences. The 'ensemble trifecta' scales from within a private performance-based fund. All will be providing rustic backdrops for adventures, learning, professional development, as well as fun, including a profiting animal rescue, where pampered athletic animal residents of onsite sanctuaries venture out for land clearing assignments that prevent fires, reduce crime, regenerate soil, and eliminate invasive vegetation.

And, if that isn't enough: Jaye is a speaker, author, consultant, human and animal rights advocate, & vegan (though not a 'radical vegan'). She has served as a Powershift Ambassador for Daymond John's book, Powershift (yes, that Daymond John, from Shark Tank.)

From a faith perspective, Jaye has fueled the resolve that wealth building and prospering via service is both biblical and embraced by many more of the wealthy than most of us are aware of. Six near death experiences have been a factor in determining we all have irreplaceable purposes. (her talk about this in the video is priceless - you must watch and learn!)

Haven Partners Group is dedicated to strike balances in ways that include healthy profits with impact, equal gender talent in teams at all levels, and assisting investors in transitioning into more high integrity portfolio components and performing passive income vehicles in creating exemplary legacies.

We All Have Talents and What Is Success, Anyway?

There is more to her bio than what is written here, including that Jaye created a model that preceded AirBnB as well as the short-term rental management company franchise movement before either existed. If that doesn't give you a peek inside her brain, I don't know what will. She's smart, folks. She's talented. She tells us that her grandfather's legacy is one she follows and which is the foundation of her work. Her grandfather's legacy "for integrity in all level of business to lay the foundation intelligently for what true wealth really is, to provide paths for other to do the same for their families and communities."

For now let me share this, our conversation was sort of all over the place because there was so much to talk about! We talked about individual people having talents and being put on this earth to use those talents. We talked about success and how sometimes, being silent in success, or not so flamboyant that you attract media attention, is better because you get more done. We don't all need to be in the spotlight.

We talked about plant based eating (shout out to Kathleen Gage) and how we do such a disservice to our animals by not being aware of how the factory farming of them contributes negatively to the environment and how sometimes euthanasia isn't what we've always been taught it is: a gentle passing into the next realm - it's something more horrific. At about 15:50 in, there is a shocking revelation - relevant to pigs - again, watch and learn!

Once You're In, It's Like Being in the Mafia

Jaye's fund raiser mentioned above came about via her involvement with a rescue group. "Once you're in, it's like the mafia," she laughed. "You can never get out." It led her to wondering what she could do, at that moment, to save animals being put down or abandoned due to their 'humans' having financial problems, via the pandemic (or any other reason) The key here is that we need to relearn or rethink how we consider our food sources. Just a little nudge there. Not being pushy. Just nudging. After all, factory farming causes so much waste and uses too many natural resources we should be working to save. 

Our conversation goes into transport of animals from one side of the country to the other, again because their humans were being relocated. Jaye talks about how it all came together and led her to create the fund raiser, to give transports a way to communicate and connect. I admit that I would never, NEVER, put my animal, of any kind, in a cargo hold of a plane, to travel cross country. Really, why was that EVER thought of as okay?

The talk then goes into the sanctuaries. It's senior citizen resort living, with a twist. It's saving animals, with a twist. It's looking at new ways to help mother nature and create profitable businesses - learning how animals serve us and we can serve them. It's a way of building a place to give people the resources to build their own community, while keeping them fit and active - which is what we seniors of today want!

Bringing Your Talents and Expertise, Your Knowledge and Experience

Jaye reveals the mini-hotel concept where, in this resort living, you have all the amenities you're used to, and want, and how you now also have a place to bring your talents and expertise. You can become a trainer or teacher or a farmer or go into animal husbandry. You can continue to be the active senior you were meant to be. At the hotel units can be rented out as conference centers, animal service awareness, artistic awareness, agricultural awareness, holistic retreats; whatever the mind can conceive. 

The idea is that there is no limit on what we, as human beings, as senior citizens with active, vibrant, useful brains can continue to create!

This is the wave of the future. It must be. We must create sanctuaries like this to serve our children. And our grandchildren. Neither will want to sit at home and watch the boob-tube all day long. This brings the natural talents and gifts of every human being involved, to the forefront. It's an answer to the crisis we're in right now - a place where our aging population can bring their expertise and knowledge and continue being constructive members of the American culture. 

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