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Smart conv todays guest aleasia hurt

A Smart Conversation with Yvonne DiVita and Aleasia Hurt of HURTNPOET and Flex Your Voice

I met Lisa via my good friend Margo Lovett, who was on Smart Conversations just about a year ago.

Margo is a go-getter and great at putting people together so she brought Lisa, myself, and Lucy Forsting (a Smart Conversation in early November), together to talk about podcasting and business as women over 50.

Well, I had already been following Lisa on LinkedIn and sharing her content because it was so good. It inspired me (and still inspires me, every day) and made my brain tug at my heart a bit. Because she taught me something I hadn't known before: I am resilient.

Lisa's a smart woman with a talent for understanding emotion. Each and every one of her LinkedIn posts grab my heart and soul and  As I continued to follow her on LinkedIn, I learned more and more about her. And after we were on Margo's show, I got up the nerve to ask her to be on my show.

Understand that I am so appreciative of all my guests, but some are just magical and Lisa is one of them. 

I offer insight into Aleasia and the show in this post, but if you're anxious to get to the show itself, just scroll down. The video is at the bottom of the post. Do leave us a comment with your thoughts. 

Let me tell you more about her: Aleasia (Lisa) Hurt is a native of VA and is currently residing in Burlington, NC. She tells me that after graduating from Ferrum College, she obtained her Bachelor's degree in Social Work and Sociology and received certification from the CEO Mindset -Who Owns the Ice House Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative at the local Small Business Center.

But one of the things I was most interested in was and is her personal transformation on her journey to Resiliency.

Resiliency is such a powerful word. It struck me in the eye when I heard her say it and whenever I saw her write about it. I began to understand that resiliency was me. It's who I am. It's my superpower. It's the only reason I am still here on Mother Earth, doing what I do - helping women raise their voices high in support of each other, through writing a book about their lives and successes (and yes, the failure that sneaks in along the way.)

I must have been resilient all those years ago, living in a household that was anything but supportive. Resiliency kept me going. 

Throughout her years of Clinical practice, Lisa continued to pursue her love for poetry and Business Writing. And there you have it, she and I are kindred souls!

In 2005, she launched HURTNPOET LLC professional writing services.

She is the Branding Owner of "Flex Your Voice Content Marketing" and “Elevation Resiliency Coaching”. Lisa is a Resiliency Influencer in Emotional Intelligence - focusing on elevated Mental Health and Emotional Wellness to Authentically Flex your voice.

As an intuitive seller-poet and wordsmith, along with an empathetic Coaching skill set, Lisa attracts entrepreneurs and business owners willing to truly connect with their ability to cope with their brand and audience - in a most embracing and personal way - which is so needed these days.

As we talked, Lisa opened up about how she got started writing, as a 10-year-old who was serving an in-school suspension for some wrongdoing. She was so bored, she says, she turned to writing poetry and a lifelong adventure began. (I do approve of writing poetry - you should try it)

Over time, she learned she could create poetry out of the stories people told her. I am so fascinated by that because I feel that all of life is poetry. If we just stop to listen, we would hear the sounds of poetry all around us. We would see the colors of poetry drifting in the breeze. For Lisa, it helped her create a world of confidence, empowerment, and reward. That sense of giving back, whenever she could deliver a poem to a person, created from their story. 

It gives me chills! It's exactly what story is all about. Logo

Oh but there is so much more! You will be shocked by her story of having a stroke and being told she faked it! You will be inspired by learning how she chooses, at last, to leverage her own story. 

"The past makes you who you are today," she said, at one point. It's learning to tap into your resiliency. That was the greater part of our discussion because more people need to tap into that superpower, which, Lisa tells us, we are given at birth! Only someone else can take it away (or, perhaps, you can also, in extreme cases). Lisa became the resiliency maven. Over the years she's empowered thousands of others to tap into this well of power we have inside, to learn that what does not elevate you, needs to be eliminated. And yes, that means people, too.

I was especially struck by how Lisa described her work helping clients put feeling into their business. "You cannot truly authentically flex your voice," she says, "until you elevate who you are." This includes writing, speaking, and presenting because in order to FLEX your voice, you must be in tune with your own inner resiliency.

At the end of our deep discussion on spirituality, resiliency, children and adults who need help tapping into that, Aleasia shared the 7 Cs of Resilience. I will list them here, but to hear her describe them, you must watch the video. 

The 7 Cs of Resilience

  1. Control
  2. Competence
  3. Confidence
  4. Connection
  5. Character
  6. Contribution (reach back and bring forward)
  7. Coping

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Now on with the show:



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