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Janine Bolon and book Smart Conversation 11-08-2021

A Smart Conversation with Yvonne DiVita and Janine Bolon

Janine is a testament to the power of passion and finding a way to do the things you love. (personally, I think she's an alien because I truly don't know how she does so much! p.s. at the end of Janine's latest book, there's something the show below and see!)

This Smart Conversation is so important because, as a book coach and author advisor, I work with writers all the time who are baffled by the whole, "I have to sell my book, too?" part of being a published author.

Yes, new author, and established author who is looking to promote book two or three, selling is part of what you have to do. Yes, even if you have a traditionally published book. Paul Chaney, in his Smart Conversation talked about that a good bit ago.

Janine has accomplished more in her lifetime than some people dream of accomplishing in a year. All the way back to her world as an impoverished teenager in rural Missouri, Janine found ways to create. She launched several successful businesses before putting herself through the University of Missouri biochemistry program by working three jobs at once and selling all her possessions - that's real downsizing!

For 15 years, Janine worked in academic and industrial research laboratories before spending the next 20 years raising a brood of four active spawn. (spawn - you have to love that! and four! again, alien - four kids and as many businesses!) I know this will resonate with so many women out there. Women who want to write a book but are reluctant because it will take time away from the family, and their work already does that. Well, Janine did it. You can too. That's time management, which this show isn't about, but which you can learn easily enough if you want to.

In the past two decades, Janine has completed her M.A. in Education, she home-schools the herd, she started another entrepreneurial venture (The8Gates, LLC., a firm dedicated to teaching fundamental principles of lifestyle independence), has written 10 books and teaches math and metaphysics in her spare time. Author podcasting books I mean, in her spare time. That's all. (alien)

Janine’s latest book, Author Podcasting: Be A Stand-Out Guest while Taking Your Book on a Virtual Tour, describes the systems and week-to-week behaviors needed to market your books & programs consistently. And is one of the BEST books for authors, new or established, to learn how to get on podcasts, be a great guest, and what to do afterwards.

Janine has been working from home for over 25+ years and describes how to live, work and enjoy a self-created life steeped in creativity, joy and adventure in everything she does.

But that's not what we talk about in this session of Smart Conversations. Well, not all of it. We dedicated the show to authors. To new authors and authors who have been around for a good bit of time. All authors need Janine's new book, and the offer she has inside. Yes, a big offer. We talk about it on the show. Her book takes authors through the steps needed to build (create) a fantastic media kit, the better to serve you as you venture into the 'marketing' phase of your book. Something some authors shy away from. 

By the way, a media kit is essential before, during, and after the book is written and published. Before, because it helps people begin to get to know you. During, because it helps you get booked on podcasts where you and your work will be shared with all the podcast host's listeners. After, because it stands you in good stead when you're asked to speak anywhere, to be on radio, podcasts, and TV. It can happen. If you have that media kit.

Let me say this, even if you have a publicist, as some writers do, you need this book because your publicist will want you to have a media kit that both describes you and your book, and showcases who you are. The better to sell you to the media. 

Janine tells some compelling stories, too. Like the one, 13 minutes in, about a client in the rare documents room of a U.S. museum, white gloves and all, and what happened there. Gave me goosebumps!

One of the biggest takeaways is this: have multiple photos on your media page. Photos that show you as a human being, not just the professional or author you are. Be human. Be multi-dimensional. Show the readers that you get it - your book is for them, because you're just like them! Give people the experience of you!

I'll end this part of the post with this - if Janine is an alien, we need more like her. I want to be her, when I grow up. Don't you? Check out the video, folks. It's stellar. Watch all the way through for a special offer... 

For all the information needed on Janine and her podcasts (4 syndicated podcast shows - did I forget to mention that? alien), go to Janine's media page. 

Visit Janine on Author Podcasting. 

Subscribe to this YouTube channel for more Smart Conversations with smart, talented people in books, marketing, business strategy, and more.

Learn more about me and how you can work with me, Yvonne DiVita, as your book coach and author advisor. 




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