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Natural Born Coaches Marc Mawhinney Smart Conversation 1-15-2022

A Smart Conversation with a natural born leader -
Yvonne and Marc talk organic marketing and more

This week's Smart Conversation will prove what I've been saying all along, that we all reinvent ourselves throughout our lives and we have a choice to be happy and content or to let life get us down and remain stuck in the dark. It's through making good choices that we find peace and joy. That's one thing Marc is about - finding joy. "If you aren't happy with what you're doing," he says, "why are you doing it?" Indeed.

Marc Mawhinney is a friend from my social media work. I spend a good bit of time on social media meeting people, building connections, and looking for smart, talented, engaging guests. It took me a bit of time to get the courage to ask Marc to be on the show, but I did, and here he is.

Coaches and small business professionals, alike, will get valuable advice and insight from this Smart Conversation. The success Marc has created for himself didn't come overnight, nor did he 'buy' it. He worked organically to build the tribe he has and he can help you do the same.

You can read the rest of the post, which I would love, or hop over to YouTube and watch the video, right now.

Lifelong Entrepreneur - It's What So Many of Us Are, Isn't It?

Marc is a lifelong entrepreneur (he didn't start out as a coach, either) who helps coaches get more clients without paid advertising! Let's just tap into that 'lifelong entrepreneur' idea. It's something that resonates with me, having started 4 successful businesses in the last 20 years, and I think it resonates with so many other creative people because when you feel creative, you have to get out in the world and share your talents. The magic is in the sharing, not in the having whatever talent you have. 

Marc talks about organic marketing, and how he grew his business without paid ads, and how you can too! I am a big fan of organic marketing because it forces us to tap deep into our true creative nature. We're not saying never do paid advertising, but really dig deep to find that true spark of creativity you can use to get your name out in the world. 

It's Just Natural

Marc is active in...

If that's not enough, he's also been a speaker at events like Social Media Marketing World, Entrepreneur City Live, and the TP3X conference.

He's on media frequently and contributes to online publications like

Actionable Strategies

For our purposes, it's good to know this, also - Marc started the "Natural Born Coaches" podcast in 2014 because he saw a need for a show that would help coaches grow their businesses without and fluff or BS. Over 700 episodes later (well over 700, folks), he continues on his quest to give coaches actionable strategies they can take and put into actions to get more clients and customers.

One of the most powerful stories in the show is the one Marc tells about learning how to coach. Learning about the idea of coaching - he thought it was all sports related - and then deciding he wanted to be a coach. Who knew, 10, 20 years ago that there were business coaches? Not many people. I knew because I was lucky enough to have one. And be part of an in person mastermind group. But, most entrepreneurs, then, and even now, are not aware of the help and value of a business coach to get them from point A to point B, which is what Marc is about.

I know that today we see from a lot of coaches promoting themselves via social media. I know you see them talking about their work and enticing you to set up a call or attend a free webinar. Coaches abound and if you think you'd like to be a coach, you might be deterred by all the noise you hear and see.

But, Marc, points out, the average Joe or Jane is just beginning to learn the value of having a coach. They are looking for help and maybe your webinar or free coaching call could be the one that turns the corner for them. So, don't count yourself out, if this is a career path you're interested in.

Coaching Coaches (and groceries)

And, oh by the way, coaches have coaches, too. Many of us can't see the forest, for the trees, so to speak, and it behooves us to get that extra help to build the clientele we know we can help, and make some good money at it.

I asked Marc to define coaching and here's what he said, "I like to keep it simple. To me, it's helping you get from point A to point B and get results." There you have it - the getting results part is enormous.

And he does it organically. That just means he gets you there without using ads. Which is pretty interesting. Another area he reveals success in, is email marketing - by emailing people every day.

Yep. Every day. For those who are clutching their throats and gulping, Marc says, "You won't know if it works until you try it." He did, and it worked. 

You have to watch or listen to that part of the show, if you listen or watch no other parts. Every day email marketing. It works. Skepticals are invited to say otherwise. (and if you want to know what the reference to groceries is - well, watch the show.)

As we neared the end of the show, I asked Marc about his 3 Pillars - one of which is doing what works.  The 3 Pillars are something he believes in. Watch the show and learn more!

Join Marc on his Facebook group

Visit his website and get that free PDF 'Coaches Roadmap for Success' with the 3 Pillars (and more) in it 

Listen to his podcast 

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