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Teresa Fritschi Talks Communications, Reputation Management and Meta Data

Teresa Fristch Smart Conv 2-7-2022 new
A Smart Conversation with Yvonne DiVita and Teresa Fritschi

What does "reputation management" mean to you? How about strategic communications?

Do you, like so many of us, have multiple social media accounts and post to them willy-nilly with little regard to the possible impact on your reputation?

Do you know what metadata is, and why it’s important?

I have always struggled with strategic planning. There, I admit it. It doesn't make me a failure or a bad person. It just means - I could probably be doing so much better in my business. We did it for our publishing company, back in 2005, and there was a good bit of strategic planning with BlogPaws. But as a solopreneur, I've fallen by the wayside and not done enough of it for my current business.

Teresa compares metadata to the poured concrete of a foundation. And I compare writing a book to building a house. As a result, she has made it easy to understand that for a business to achieve its operational goals it’s important to understand how metadata serves as an important element of the foundation of the ‘house’ you are trying to build. Metadata is the computer code found by right clicking on any website (it will say “view source code”).

We discussed the need to understand how people search, what keywords to use for your target audiences, how to use them, and where to put them.

Yes, where to put them. All content is not equal, after all.

We also touched upon reputation and crisis management with examples taken from current events featuring Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and tennis player Novak Djokovic, and the epic mishandling of Spotify's misinformation issue.

If you take nothing else away from reading this blog post, or watching the interview, please understand the importance of integrating the Journalism 101 lesson of the 5Ws and How into your content. There is a BIG offer at the end of our talk, just below. Available until 1 April, no joke. Think of it as Spring cleaning for your digital house and reputation.

Get Your Digital Foundations in Order Commarglo logo

Regularly priced at $5,000 USD offer available to Nurturing Ideas audience until 1 April 2022 for $2,000 USD

One (1) hour strategic consultation with Commarglo Managing Director, Teresa Fritschi

Preceded by signing an NDA and forwarding a questionnaire, this session will discuss strategic and operational objectives, successes and frustrations with the integration of digital content marketing to date, while expanding the existing understanding of the intersection of risk, cyber-security and reputation for C-Suite and Board of Directors of SMEs (up to $10m annual turnover)

Online audit

This effort is designed to provide your organization with an ‘of the moment’ snapshot of your online presence and address any disparities between business objectives and digital communications. From metadata, keywords, hashtags, search engine results and a critique of a sampling of your existing content Commarglo will explain how external stakeholders view (or not) your company.

This document serves as the baseline analysis for measuring effectiveness of any future online reputation management efforts including content marketing, customer experience, customer and employee recruitment and retention, campaigns and thought leadership.  

Digital Foundation

Incorporating the discoveries in the strategic session and the online audit, Commarglo will provide a revision of the metadata found in your website source code and a list of keywords to be used in optimizing the biographies supporting your organizations’ social media accounts.*

*Commarglo can be further contracted to re-write these for platforms search domination over competitors and create a six-week program of work to nudge algorithms designed to gain search engine placement for keywords.    

To take advantage of this offer, contact Teresa at [email protected]

And to learn more about Teresa's background, read on.

Teresa has been involved in the practice of communications for 30 years. Her passion is found at the convergence of cyber-security and reputation. Teresa’s career in enterprise technology communications began in 1995 with the creators of the original T3 backbone to the internet, the first VPDN, the first commercial firewall, and the first enterprise-grade mirror-hosting. She went on to serve as the project lead to launch the first digital signature platform for high value commercial contracts and began a global Fortune 50 communications and change management consultant.

In 2004, Teresa single-handedly developed and launched the Scottish bespoke e-commerce venture, Thistle & Broom which she operated until 2019.

Her global enterprise technology (cyber-security, Fintech, SaaS, cloud-based identity) and consumer brand management efforts have realized earner media in such recognizable global Tier I publications as The Economist, Future Banker, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times of London, The Independent, CNBC (Europe - World Business), the Associated Press, Knight-Ridder, and Forbes.com. 

As an early adopter of social media, she recognized the almost collective absence of strategic planning and corporate communication best practices and founded Commarglo in 2015,  Commarglo stands for "Communications - Marketing - Global." Three months after the legal incorporation of Commarglo she delivered an unprecedented US$100M in measurable impact global DMO (Destination Marketing Organization) campaign which included in excess of 26M impressions on Twitter in a single week.

A native of Western New York, Teresa’s ability to educate, engage and entertain developed working as an international tour guide in Niagara Falls while studying communications at the University of Buffalo. An evocative writer whose blog is read in over 200 countries and the author of all that i need, or live like a dog with its head stuck out the car window she possesses a heightened design aesthetic which has earned her international (peer-driven) awards for her art direction and content development.

Connect with Teresa on LinkedIn.

I recommend her blog, highly.

Enjoy the video, just click the image below. And since I plan on having her back soon, if you have questions send them to me so we can address them in a future Smart Conversation episode.

Teresa and Yvonne


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