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How to Create a Timeless Brand with Nick McGrawesome

Nick McGraw Smart Conv 5-3-2022

A Smart Conversation from Nurturing Big Ideas and Yvonne DiVita

#Branding #LogoDesign #Relationshipbuilding - that's what Nick McGrawesome is about. I know this for a fact because he took the time to build a connection with me, and to LISTEN when I talked, before even mentioning what he does.

This is what is needed in the small business world today. A professional who is more interested in lasting relationships and creating timeless brands to help us reach our business goals, this year, than in pushing DMs at us on social media, trying to connect to sell.

Nick tells me in the show that his idea of a timeless brand is one that stands the test of time. Ok, that's intuitive. But he really wants the designs he creates for you to be the LAST logo/branding you ever need.

It isn't a matter of just being happy with what he creates for you.

"Happiness is okay," he says, "Everyone wants to be happy." But, he'll deliver happiness and effectiveness - which is far more important.

I personally love how he talks about not buying into the 'flavor' of the week (now I want ice cream) or other trends that pop into our social media channels or in our inbox. For instance, did you see what Will Smith... but I digress. Let's not talk about Will Smith or the Oscars.

It's true, we all do want to have trending content, at some time, the point is that branding isn't a thing of afternoons. It's a journey to creating the best YOU there can be. The YOU you bring to work every day. The YOU that I will work with on my next project. Who is that person? She's not just someone trending on Twitter or Tiktok, is she? Because trending comes and goes.

What Nick does is not about what someone said or did that the world is all gaga over, this week. You and I might be gage over it too, but its time will die off sooner than later and the next big thing will come along to take its place. So, being you means being you, today and every day. How do you capture that? It's in our talk today.

We talk audience, also. Who is the audience for your book or your business? Not everybody.

Ask the why questions 5-3-2022

Not all "8 million people on earth," Nick says, although one client thought so at the start of working with Nick. I get it. My authors think their books are for all women in business, or all people who want better leadership. The word 'all' is the wrong word, there.

Taking out the word 'all'... we have books for women in business, which is good, even great. But which women in business? There are a lot of women in business out there. What about leadership? Isn't everyone into leadership? Of course they are! But your book should be for the select group of leadership voices looking for the kind of content you're writing.  

Nick likes to ask the why questions. Why are you starting this brand? Why you? Why does this color appeal to you? Why not that color? Why not these people? Why ... why ... why. (and no, the answer is not because)

And then he quotes Simon Sinek: People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.

I find this conversation especially valuable to authors. I brought Nick on the show to talk a bit about branding so authors can begin to understand that the brand they're selling isn't the book, it's them.

If they don't learn how to be their own brand, their success may be limited. People buy the author, once they get to know you. That's why successful authors' names are bigger than the title, on their books. Their brand is more than the books they write, of course. Their brand is what they do with the books they write. It's how readers engage with them, after reading the book. It's how reader clamor for the next book, and the one after that. Because, as I told Nick, an author doesn't ever write just one book.

There is a lot to unpack here. Great stuff for entrepreneurs just starting out wondering: what do I do now? Great for folks looking to grow their brand by finally building a brand. If you need quick and dirty advice, Nick says, get a logo, create a style guide, and build a website. Those are the things you need to be a successful brand in today's chaotic marketplace - which is all over social media like a swarm of killer bees. You want to stand out from the crowd... get away from the swarm. Be you. 

I'd say you should talk with Nick as soon as possible, then. Or, watch the video first (click here or the image below) and then contact Nick. 

The best place to find Nick is on LinkedIn (and yes, he is McGrawesome)

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Read my latest blog post: https://www.nurturingbigideas.com/2022/04/5-secrets-to-writing-a-best-seller.html if that's a goal you have always dreamed of. It might answer some secret questions for you. 

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