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What is the MIGHTIEST #Marketing Tool In Any #Business #Toolbox? That's right. A #Book.

Mightiest tool in your toolbox
by Yvonne DiVita, Your Author Advisor and Book Coach Extraordinaire

A survey I filled out last week, like most surveys I fill out, asked about my #marketing budget. What number could I place on my budget? They always give you that range from $0 -5000 or $5000 - 10000 or more. 

Clearly, they were looking for the big spenders. My marketing budget is nil. I don't have one. I do my marketing myself and you can't put a price tag on that. 

In the space that I move in, throughout #socialmedia and in the real world, the best and most effective way to market your business and/or yourself is to #writeabook. 

A book has feel. People can touch it. It has energy. People feel your pride when you show it to them. It has purpose. Just the fact that you wrote it proves it matters. 😍

I consider a book the MIGHTIEST 💪 tool in any marketing toolbox, anywhere. But especially for business professionals - and authors who aspire to become a brand, in and of themselves - who plan to write multiple books, or a series of books about one character or characters. 

A book, a physical thing you can hold in your hand; a product you can sell in the back of the room; an object you can give away to prospects and clients, alike; is such a strong marketing tool, there is nothing to compare it to.

If you're already looking at Q4, in your business, it's time to start asking yourself the hard question of: How is my marketing really working? Could I do anything to improve it? What could I do to improve it?

Question One: Is your current marketing generating more attention across all of your social media channels? 

Question Two: If your current marketing needs improvement - and doesn't it, really? -  what would that look like?

Question Three: What could you do to jumpstart your marketing and get back into the game 💯% before the year ends?

Writing a book is the answer to all three questions.

A book 📚 generates attention like nothing else. A book sets you apart from the crowd.

When you tell people you've written a book - or you tell them you're writing a book - they sit up and take notice. They don't just want to know what the book is about, they suddenly want to know all about you.

You become a sought after guest on podcasts and at networking events. You're something and someone special. 

A book as marketing tool revised
A book can be the thing that gets your marketing sparkling like a diamond around ... Carrie Underwood's neck. Or arm. Or wherever she wears diamonds. The thing is, your book is going to look so good, and sparkle so brightly, it will put all other marketing to shame.  

And if you want to really jumpstart your marketing, get it humming in time for 2023, writing a book can do it for you. Just that big achievement alone could set you so far apart from your competition, you will leave them far behind scratching their heads saying, "How did he do that?"

That's a lot for one book to do, don't you agree? Becoming 'the author of' just one book can't possibly accomplish all of that! Surely you need to write two, or three, or a series of books, to achieve the kind of attention and credibility and respect I'm talking about. Surely.

Don't call me Shirley, said a famous actor in a famous movie somewhere. I agree. 

Call me smart. Because I KNOW a book can do all of those things. It doesn't do them magically. There isn't a secret somewhere that you can uncover to learn how a book does all of those things. Launching a book and presenting it to the world doesn't change YOU - you're still the expert or master or guru or guide or whatever you choose to call yourself, that you were before you wrote your book. But just having that book, that product, that tool, makes you a marketing genius.

It's because all the world around you has changed. Once your book is launched, once you present the bound, printed copy of something as important as a book to the world, you become all the things mentioned here: a more credible, special, respected, talented, business professional and speaker than you were before - to those around you, known and unknown. 

After all, you've completed a task none of them ever will. Well, few of them ever will. You've written and published a book. And you're going to make it your calling card.

People are dying for information relevant to the world around them. If they're new entrepreneurs, they want your advice on how you did it - became so successful you could write a book about it!

If they're solopreneurs just looking to raise more visibility for their product(s), they see you as someone to help them, to move them from standing still to achieving momentum. 

If they are established business owners, but still stuck on how to get from A to B, let alone all the way to Z, they want your advice! In your book!

Your book becomes the starting place to build masterminds groups, summits, workshops, webinars, and and communities of like minded people who want to talk about the subject of said book.

Yes, I know. I hear you shaking your head. Did you know your head was so loud? That's because it wasn't your head that I heard, it was you mumbling under your breath, "I don't know enough people to build a community." 

Hogwash! You know a lot of people. A recent author of mine thought she didn't have a following, that her book would be lost in the bowels of Amazon's basement somewhere, languishing with dust bunnies and rusted pipes, but when she worked her magic - began talking to people about the book, across her social channels, she discovered she wasn't as invisible as she'd thought she was.

She discovered a small group of people who were eager to learn more about her book, and about her. She discovered she could use her book to build on that - to grow that small group into a bigger group. And so on and so on. And yes, that's an amalgamation of all my clients, not just one.

Writing a book is the mightiest tool in your business toolbox. If you know how to use it. Take the time to figure that out, while writing the book. Work with us and we'll advise you along the way, even as we produce that stellar product you'll use to create fireworks in your marketing results, before the year is out.

And to think it all starts with one big idea. I know you have one. Tell me all about it... I'm all ears. 

Dog all ears



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