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Putting a Little Sparkle In Your Book Marketing with AUTHORity Marketer Melanie Herschorn

Parchelle Tashi from The #Author's #Leverage with Insight Into #Online #Courses Created from Your #Book

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from a Smart Conversation with Parchelle Tashi and Yvonne DiVita 

Parchelle Tashi is an award winning creative entrepreneur, popular podcast host, and creator of The Author's Leverage where #author's can find the support and quality help they need to turn #content from their #books into #online #courses.

Fascinatingly, she's a former high school math teacher turned tech-preneur - which we discuss later on in the video. Her insight into teaching comes honestly, from her mother who was a math teacher also. The story of tutoring her nephew will both make you laugh and make you cry - in a good way. I only wish I'd had such a great math tutor when I was flunking geometry - for the second time!

Parchelle is also an education design architect and video producer with a Master's in Curriculum & Instruction from Virginia Tech. Her journey to working with authors on their book content is an interesting one - there were a lot of winding paths she had to follow to get to the place that "lit me up", as she says.

She lives and works in San Diego (I am meeting a lot of people from CA lately - I wonder why that is?) where she spends her time brainstorming ways to help other creatives get more bang for their books. I love that - more bang for their books. Plus, when you work with her, you fly to San Diego to do so.

It only makes sense. The purpose of the courses you develop with Parchelle and The Author's Leverage can't be developed via Zoom. Well, they could. But they wouldn't have the quality of an Author's Leverage course. 

Think of it - you have this new product that you've spent months putting together, pouring your life's experiences and insight into - why wouldn't you then consider creating courses online to support the overall purpose or message? And going to Parchelle's place of business where she has the people and the equipment to make the course successful for you? 

As she describes it in the video, "My North Star was masterclass." Brilliant! Take a look at her Masterclass just to get started! 

The great thing about The Author's Leverage is that Parchelle and her team specialize in creating high-end, memorable, impactful online courses for authors and creators who want to establish automated and residual revenue streams - which means making money while you're on vacation. (you have to watch to hear her mention her first venture with her Puppet-preneurs)

In the end, it's was her combined expertise in production, education, and business growth - and not a few role models, including her parents - that allowed her to bring all of her talents together to help authors create more value from their books.

An online course based on your book, working with her, will save you time and frustration. Really, do you know how to create an online course? You could learn on your own, perhaps, but why, when Parchelle is here to do the heavy lifting? If you've ever tried to do the video production, the copywriting, and the creative for a course online, you know whereof I speak. 

The value of investing in a course creation program with Parchelle and her team is priceless. Creating a continuing revenue stream in your business, based on the content of your book, is priceless. 

I love this sentence at the end of her bio: A teacher at heart, Parchelle's personal mission is to create noteworthy learning experiences that inspire action and change. You can tell she's not doing this for the glory.

Yes, it's become her heart's desire - she lit up when she first started doing it, she tells us - but in the end, if it serves a bigger purpose, helping others achieve success (for instance, the content used from an author's book to make the courses provide value beyond the product she produces, they give people who take the course education and training to become better people, also), that makes it so much more worthwhile.

Now the question is, could fiction authors use Parchelle's services, too? How would you turn your fiction book into courses for readers to take? I see it working when the book is written not merely to entertain us with a pretty story but to share a message, create community, and get people talking.

If  you're a fiction author and you want your novel to have a bigger impact than merely a beach read or a book by the fire; if you have a message to share, something that can be long-lasting, perhaps a conversation with Parchelle is in order. 

Give it a thought. As Parchelle says on her Facebook page, "...change begins at the end of your comfort zone." 

Oh, and she also says, "Get more bang for your book." Check out her LinkedIn page and connect there with her.

Hop over to Nurturing Big Ideas today and download our Book as Business Card Ebook. It will get you started on your book. And, possibly working with Parchelle to create that passive income in online courses.

Nurturing big ideas smart conv with Parchelle Tashi


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