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Putting a Little Sparkle In Your Book Marketing with AUTHORity Marketer Melanie Herschorn

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by Yvonne DiVita, a Smart Conversation post with Melanie Herschorn

Melanie Herschorn wants to make your book and brand sparkle online. You can imagine how that pulled me in as someone who loves sparkle and promotes marketing online - especially for books!

As a content marketing strategist for coaches, consultants, and speakers worldwide, Melanie is on a mission to support and empower her clients to create clear messaging and content that shines a light on their individuality, skillset, and books. And she starts with herself. She shines like a million sunny afternoons at the park. 

In this Conversation, Melanie helped me understand how she works with authors to make their books stand out and "sparkle" as each book is meant to. In the end, Melanie says that means creating AUTHORity.

I'm a big fan of authority, as regular visitors know. Authors who understand how their work will create more authority and social proof for them, will go farther than those who don't. Working with someone like Melanie can leap you light years ahead of your competitors.

Her backstory is one you won't want to miss - you'll be both shocked and inspired by it. I think it encompasses so much of what many of us have gone through in our lives. I won't give it away here, you have to listen to the podcast, but know that it includes the sweat, blood, and tears I tell all my authors to include in the story they are telling in their book.

It was only after she hung her "marketing" shingle that she found her calling. Authors started coming to her for help and, as she says in the video, "I hear you Universe. I get it." Working with authors became her mission as much as their mission was to promote their books to the right people.

You'll learn a lot in this short 33 minutes. Don't miss one word!

  • Don't miss the moments we talk about becoming a best selling author.
  • Don't miss the discussion about her fantastic marketing check list.
  • Don't miss Melanie explaining why using your first chapter as a lead magnet is a big no-no.
  • Don't miss Melanie sharing a better way to create a list magnet.

I can honestly say that I recommend having a conversation with Melanie, if you're a new author, an established author, or someone just getting started on a manuscript. With her unique combination of entrepreneurship, award-winning journalism and PR experience, she will guide you to attract and nurture leads and to position yourself as an industry expert.

In fact, one of the best parts of the conversation is when Melanie turned the tables on me. The topic was beta-readers - those folks who offer to read your book ahead of publication to offer testimonials and then, after publication, to write reviews on Amazon. Melanie asked me how I got beta-readers for my clients. 

The answer is easy - just look more closely at who you know. When I work with an author, we look at all aspects of the author's community life, including those who the author may think, "Well, she's not a good fit here because she doesn't read this kind of book." Tap her anyway. Ask her who she knows that will read the book. 

Look at book clubs online. What are they covering? Would they cover your book?

There's more, but you need to watch to learn.

There is also a giveaway here. Get "Your Ultimate Book Marketing Checklist" by visiting this link: 

Melanie also loves to provide book marketing tips and interview authors on her show, AUTHORity Marketing LIVE! Want to be on the show? Watch and find out how.

Visit Melanie's website today 

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Ready to build more authority in your business? Let's start writing your book, today. Visit this video on LinkedIn about the 5 Cs of Storytelling.

Now on to the show. Click the image below!

Nurturing big ideas smart conv with Melanie Hershcorn


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