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#MentalHealth #PhysicalHealth #EmotionalHealth #SpiritualHealth with Reiki Master Marnie Vincolisi

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Marnie Vincolisi shares Intuitive Energy with Yvonne DiVita

How would you qualify your Mental - Emotional - Physical - Spiritual Health? How many times a day or week or month do you wonder about your emotional and spiritual health? I'm certain you occasionally consider your mental and physical health, perhaps you even consider them daily. They are so present in everything we do, how can we not wonder about them? But there is more to being healthy than just those two pieces of the puzzle.

When I first met my guest on this Smart Conversation, I was immediately impressed by her smile, her openness, and her relaxed sense of self. In all honesty, Marnie is a client and came to me about her book, They Did the Best They Could: Discovering Your Path to Compassion. She was in a rut with it and wanted help. But what came through, on our Zoom call, was a sense of my having known her almost all my life. She seemed a more a kindred spirit, though we'd never met before. I knew, somehow, that this woman was sent to me to help me tap into my intuitive nature. And to learn to forgive.

You'll hear Marnie tap into her intuitive nature to point why why our emotional and spiritual health is as important as our mental and physical health. Marnie gives us a glimpse into her backstory, which involves being a hairdresser, which taught her how to be an entrepreneur early on in her young life, and how it led her to running a toy company - Pee Wee Teepees. 

Listen to her tell the story of traveling to a show in her 2 year old van - on her way to Chicago -  and what happens when the van breaks down. Yes, she put 40,000 miles a year on it (OMG!) on it, but it had served her well till then. Not just that, but where it breaks down and what she learns from that unpleasant experience is riveting.

"My van told me to move on," is how she frankly describes it. When was the last time an inanimate object told you to change lanes in life?

Perhaps the most wonderful part of the van story is when Marnie hears the repair man say to her, "You must have had an angel on board." To which she smiles and replies, "Yes, I did. I put her there." 

There is more to it than that but you have to watch to learn. And yes, we can ask angels to help us in our lives. She talks about that, too.

Of course, we talk about her Reiki healing. We discuss her courses online where she promises you will "Uncover Your Healing Gifts." I was enlightened on the fact that anyone can do this. It can merely be something you're curious about - which means it's calling to you.

As Marnie says, once trained you will feel energy flowing through your hands and have the ability to send it out into your life situations and those around you. You will be channeling love.

Marnie is a spiritual guide, and throughout our work together, that is most apparent. She is all about opening energy fields to get beyond the wall we so often put up to contain pain or anger. In her estimation, as she says in her book, our hurt and anger arises from others who were probably doing the best they could. Learning how to move beyond that tight ball of resentment is what Marnie helps her clients do.

By the way, she has online courses and at the bottom of this post is a fantastic discount code for those who want to learn Reiki healing. Read on...

The energy she brings to this show today is evident in her frank and honest storytelling. She says, "Well, I'm half English, half Irish, with a bit of Italian thrown in - how could I not be a storyteller?" No, I didn't mention that her numbers don't add up. Because I got the message. She pulls from her ancestry. An ancestry she spent years searching for, by the way.

As we talked, she brought forth experiences drawn from decades of knowledge and the practice of holistic healing. It's where she finally knew she was called to work with people on understanding how to balance their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health.

We also talk about her recent book (buy a copy today - it's a novel, a memoir, a study in how to embrace intuition and serve our emotional and spiritual health) and how learning to look beyond a situation can change a person's perspective dramatically. As it did with Marnie.

This is a story about a woman searching for herself and her past. Something many of us have done, or are doing right now. Marnie wrote about it in her book, Book cover did the best they could but in this conversation, we talk about how she got there (yes, the van is a bit part of that), and how she is now passionate about demonstrating to others that spiritual guidance can change their lives. In fact, she believes she got spiritual guidance in her quest to find her father, and the long-lost relatives from that side of her family. People she had been separated from for more than 40 years.

Talk about synchronicity! Talk about the stars lining up. Talk about something that was meant to be! Get the book and learn what I mean by all of that.

Her advice to us, in our quest for this or that - ask for little things. Ask for help finding something lost. Ask for help choosing what to have for dinner. 

With a refined intuitive nature, Marnie brings her years of experience to every meeting, every course, every conversation, to help guide us on our journey to happiness. The greatest thing about Marnie, in my opinion, is her welcoming, approachable presence. From the moment you meet her, you feel connected.

Yes, it's her energy - and that's not just the kind of energy we talk about every day. It's not the "you're energetic today, look at how much you're getting done!" It's about spiritual and emotional energy. The kind we tend to ignore.

It's about love. Loving yourself first. Marnie tells us how to do that, in case you need to know. I needed to know, long ago, and having Marnie validate my intuition was so powerful! 

Take one of - or all of - Marnie's courses this week. If you sign up via this blog post, I have a deal for you! Marnie is offering people who see this blog and want to take her courses, 50% off by using this code: LIGHTUP . Use it. Today. Your life will change dramatically for the better.  Visit the links below and click on the image to get to the video of our conversation.

Marnie's Courses: (remember, Code LIGHTUP gets you a 50% discount)

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