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Messaging for Authors and Others: A Smart Conversation with Messaging Strategist Dorothy Wisnewski

Dorothy wisnewski SC 12-21-2022by Yvonne DiVita with Dorothy Wisnewski

NOTE: there are push pins 📌 where I think something important has been said - pay attention!

Be the Brand. Learn what that means.

Dorothy Wisnewski is a copywriter who approaches her craft a little differently than many others. In our call, we started with the concept that authors are a brand. They also have a brand.

I wanted Dorothy to talk about that because I feel strongly that authors do themselves a disservice when they think it's their BOOK 📘 that is the brand, and not themselves. Yes, there is branding in and around the book, but readers also want to know who the author is, and that is author branding.

One of the things I like about Dorothy is her use of the word alchemy, in relation to what she does. She says her work as a copywriter is to make something out of words that didn't exist before. A formula using letters and words for her clients. Making cool stuff happen. 📌

It's not just pretty colors and images, though

We get into the whole 'branding isn't just pretty colors' discussion but in the end, Dorothy reminds us that we're talking about more than a visual thing - branding is an experience you have with your reader. An experience you allow them to have. An experience that opens the door to trust. ⏩⏩⏩ Know like and trust - where have you heard that before? Bears repeating every time. 📌

I was surprised when she said, "Each book can be a brand," because I never thought of it that way. Yes, within the author brand, are these products called books, but I had to stop and think when she said each book could be a different brand given that each book was probably different, in some way, than those before it. If the book is not part of a series, and even if it is, the branding will be similar to other books but distinctive to that book, because each book brings the author's voice to the reader in a different way. Each book is somewhat altered, perhaps, given the story  or THE MESSAGE 📌 has changed and that matters to the branding.

Let's be positive about it - it doesn't have to be a competition

Another thing I really enjoy about how Dorothy works is that she doesn't do the "let's look at your competition" thing.

She tells us, "I don't come from a place of negativity." That's perfect. Instead, she wants to learn what's wonderful about you, the client. What is it about you - and your book - that is different enough to make you stand out? I submit that sometimes, it's you.

In discovering what it is about you, that makes you and your book stand out, we have to look at - what else but - the audience. Dorothy wants to learn what you have that they want. Not in a sleazy way. The way we think of when we buy a used car (and that isn't fair to used car salesmen now, is it?). It's looking at what you want to achieve with your messaging. 

This means you'll have different messaging for different venues. Like podcasting 📌 or speaking in person or writing about yourself on your website. Each requires a somewhat different tone and focus. Each serves a different purpose. In fact, Dorothy reminds us that each podcast serves a different purpose and authors should always work to bring the message that the host of the podcast is looking for - because it's about them and their listeners, not about you.

It serves to remember that your brand, your book, and you are serving a bigger purpose - to connect with people. Offer them emotional storytelling that helps them feel connected, to you and to each other. Understand your goal. Each message you create may have a different goal - to connect, to instruct, to create a call to action.

Getting Help with Your Messaging

Working with a copywriter isn't selling out. We think that. We wordsmiths. We people who write and are fond of our writing. We think we can do it all. After all, we know our book and ourselves better than anyone else. 

Until we don't. Until we don't achieve our goals because what we wrote wasn't what the reader or listener wanted to hear.

Professionals like Dorothy exist for a reason. They're here to help us uncover and discover📌 what's important to our readers. To that podcast audience. To the attendees at the event we're speaking at. "Doing it yourself is like trying to cut your own hair, if you're a hairdresser," Dorothy says. 

With her, you get someone who is focused on results. Not on the 'pretty picture'.

She works with clients in and creates a foundation guide to build every other marketing message from -  in only two calls. Listen to her tell her process. She's better at it than I. 

And yes, you can also then hire her to create the marketing copy 📌. But first, to have that solid ground to stand on, you have to start with that guide. 

There is lot to unpack here. More than I can write. Watch the video and be ready to take notes. I know, I always say that, but it's true. These guests, exactly like Dorothy, are important, talented, creative people who want you to succeed as much as I do. They share these insights and this advice not to better themselves, but to encourage you - to learn how to achieve your dreams.

Find Dorothy online at her website here.

And on LinkedIn right here.

Plus, check her out on Instagram. 

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Dorothy Wisnewski  smart conv  12-21-2022


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