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Antipreneur Dan Bennett Talks Video Strategy and Production for Small Business Owners

Dan Bennett Videographer SC 1-28-2023
A Smart Conversation with Yvonne DiVita of Master Book Builders and Dan Bennett, the Antipreneur, and someone I think is a Video Master

Dan doesn't call himself a video master, but I think he is one. I couldn't wait to do this Smart Conversation with him because he presents the power of video in an easy-to-understand way. When I met him at BOSS Academy (want to know what that is? leave a comment), I felt more comfortable about video and how to do it successfully, than I think I have ever felt before. It's partly his presentation and his voice. He has a soothing voice. But it was his presentation that convinced me I wanted to share him on a Smart Conversation. He never hesitated during the presentation, he made it look easy, and he took a lot of questions afterward. It spoke to me about his expertise.

He says his purpose is helping entrepreneurs look and sound good on camera. Which is why I was able to grab him for this conversation. I didn't hesitate to write to him almost immediately and ask. And, when he agreed so quickly, I just thanked my lucky stars. 

He uses what he calls the Solar System Methodology. More on that later. Truth is, it doesn't matter what you do - whether you're a business professional or a coach or anything in-between, you should be doing video. It's a great way for people to get to know you without taking up your time.

I found that remarkable. A way for people to get to know you without taking up your time. Since we're all time-crunched, the power of creating a "get to know me" video seems like a no-brainer. I know folks, like myself, have videos like this on their websites, but how effective are they, really? After listening to Dan, I'm going to revisit my video and probably create a new one. I feel like I can do a much better job now.

The other thing he said that made me think was that video is flexible. It can go anywhere. It allows you to show up looking great because, after all, you didn't just create it in your pajamas, did you? Ok, maybe you did. Maybe that's who you are. But even then, there are things you can and should do to look good on camera. To make that first impression.

A video, Dan tells us, is a great way to allow people to know, like, and trust you.

I love his description of video being a hovercraft. Flying around wherever you want it to and sharing its content in multiple places. But among the best part of this Smart Conversation is Dan's Solar System Methodology.

Yes, this is where you have a sun, a few (maybe 3) planets, as many moons as you want, some satellites, and even meteors, floating about. I won't go into it in great detail here. I recommend you watch the video to learn how Dan describes it and why it's a powerful metaphor. For me, it gave me a concrete visual in my brain to start creating a purposeful video strategy.

One thing to notice in this video is how many times Dan repeats that he's about helping people look and sound good on camera. Make it a lesson you should learn. He brings those words in seamlessly throughout the call. You never forget what he's about.

You'll hear him explain the 5 Whys method. The hub and spoke model, which his solar system model is based on. How to get rid of glare from your glasses. How to be more comfortable with the purpose and idea of video. There is so much here, I could write all day and not cover it all.

And then, we get into why people don't make video. Because they hate their voice, or don't look good on camera, or they're afraid no one will watch.

FUN FACT from Dan: Men worry about how they look on camera, too.

It's about preparation, presentation, production, and publication.

Video is the vehicle that gets you where you want to go. But it's the story you bring that really has all the power. Don't forget that.

This is so full of great advice and insight, you'll want to watch it over and over. And oh, at 12:38 minutes in, Dan shares something... you won't be expecting. You'll want to be watching for that.

Find Dan at Video for Entrepreneurs 

You're just in time to join his first 2023 Cohort - registration ends Jan 30th so hop on it. (yes, there will be others this year, but why not do it now?)

Get more of Dan at his 3 Hours Studio.

More a more personal connection with him on LinkedIn

(tell him you heard about him here!)

Be sure to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more amazing insight and advice from experts, like Dan, who exist to make you look good.

Enjoy your masterful video about making video.

Dan Bennett Video Master 1-28-2022



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