Believe in it. Build it. Become it.

You will hear us say those words over and over.

You must first believe - believe in the success you deserve and in your ability to make success happen.

Then you must build - build the business your heart desires.

Then, well, then you become it; you become the entrepreneur your heart has pushed you to be, forever.

Many of our clients start with a hobby. They take their talent in arts and crafts, or baking, or teaching, and start to build a business out of it. As soon as it makes a profit, as soon as you decide ‘this is what I want to do!’, it becomes yours. It becomes the reality of a long-held dream to be your own boss.

Our purpose is to work with you as you journey through the ups and downs.

Using our simple, but easy, process we will guide you through the long, twisting hallways, and along rock-strewn paths. We will take you beyond wishing and hoping, all the way to money in the bank.

Does this sound like you?

  • Your hobby is becoming more successful than you expected. It’s now a business. But, you aren’t sure how to build that into long-term success.

  • You want to keep doing what you do, and earn more than a few dollars here and there.

  • You have a passion and a creative talent (with products or services) you want to monetize for future rewards.

  • You want to make a splash in the world - be recognized for your magic!

Work with us.

Our BIG IDEA is just this: that you have talent. That your talent creates magic. That magic can make you money. We’ve been helping women take their big idea from imagination to implementation for over 20 years.

Let us mentor YOU on YOUR journey!

Contact us TODAY for a DISCOVERY SESSION to learn what your next step, or your first step, should be. Invest in your future. The talent is there, now let’s get the magic out!

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The Story of Robbi & Yvonne


Peer Learning workshops

Nothing beats face-to-face


Our experiences come from honest work

We know you’re passionate about your new business. Deciding to go from hobby or side hustle to a real business with all the trimmings, is a bit scary sometimes.

Wondering which steps to take first, second, third…that’s daunting. Don’t we know it!

We’ve been there, done that, still wear the T-shirt with pride, so you will hear us speak to your talents, your magic, and even your insecurities, on a regular basis. We’re baby boomers, and proud of it, but don’t let that label deter you! We are out to work with all women because each women we meet inspires us in unique and different ways.

We’ve helped women of all ages write books, self-publish, create websites, understand social media, build communities, start or improve a business, and learn how to take a big idea to reality.

In our professional lives, here are some of the things we’ve done:

Robbi Hess, All Words Matter

Robbi Hess, All Words Matter


Robbi brings a focus on words and the business of words, to Nurturing Big Ideas. Her big ideas come to her from walking the dog, having a vivid “I have to write that down!” dream, and just being a Mom and Grandma. Her big idea is that you should manage your time effectively. Not good at it? Well, work with us at Nurturing Big Ideas, and you’ll become good at it.

  • Publisher and editor of a successful magazine

  • Writer for a local newspaper

  • Book and magazine author

  • Successful professional blogger

  • Teacher, trainer, workshop facilitator

  • Professional in social media consulting; Fortune 500 brands

  • Started and continues to work in 2 other successful businesses

Yvonne DiVita, Lipsticking: I still believe in pen and paper - note taking is my life! But, I do a pretty mean Zoom also!

Yvonne DiVita, Lipsticking: I still believe in pen and paper - note taking is my life! But, I do a pretty mean Zoom also!


You likely know me from Lipsticking. That’s my first baby. She’s close to 15 now. Wow, they grow up so fast! I still maintain that blog, as a focus on women and women’s issues. It’s from that blog, from writing it, interviewing so many talented, smart women in it, and from having amazing guest bloggers (like Robbi), that Nurturing Big Ideas grew. See, I was my own first client!

  • Profession web content writer

  • Writer, author, and blogger

  • Editorial writer in local evening news

  • Book coach and POD publisher

  • Co-founder of a successful online influencer community, sold to a major brand

  • Keynote speaker

  • Conference builder

  • Teacher, trainer, believer in peer group learning

Starting over, or just getting started, this is your second act. You have questions? We have answers.

Starting over, or just getting started, this is your second act. You have questions? We have answers.


Are you an expert cake decorator?


Does your side hustle involve beautiful art or painting?


Do you have experience and expertise to share?

woman smiling up adult-1807529.jpg

Join the opportunities.

Learn h ow to master a gig economy.

Smart, Talented Women Learning To Be Entrepreneurs

If you’re like most of the talented women we meet, and hear from every day, you have a good many questions about how to turn a hobby or talent into money in your pocket.

Luckily, we have answers. If your question isn’t here, or an answer you see isn’t sufficient, let us know.

  1. What is a second act?
    You’re in your second act if you are starting a new venture or giving an old idea new focus. We say ‘second act’ when we hear women over 50 embracing talent that has been dormant for too many years. You’re eager to take your talent from side hustle to serious business. It also applies to younger women moving away from a traditional ‘work’ environment.

  2. What is a side hustle?
    A side hustle is something you might have been doing while you were gainfully employed, or while you were on Mom duty. Your talent and magic in whatever it is you do (arts, crafts, cooking, sewing, writing, etc) has been noticed by others and you might even be making a little money from it. But, it’s something you do on the side.

  3. How do I know my business idea is worth pursuing?
    Research. Research. Research. At Nurturing Big Ideas, we work on this with you - it’s a journey of a thousand steps, to be sure.

  4. How do I start a business at my age?
    You put one foot in front of the other. That’s the easy answer. But, truth is, we hear a good many questions like this. For instance, “How do I use the internet to support my business?” Or, “Am I too old to start a business?” Sometimes, “Should I turn my hobby into a business?”

    The answer to these questions is a resounding, YES! you can start a business at any age. You do it by attending local business classes, or by finding a coach (like us!). You slowly learn how to use the internet for your business and you make progress day by day.

    In fact, turning your hobby, your ‘side hustle’ into a profitable business is more popular today than ever before!

  5. What is an LLC? A DBA? How do I get one?
    An LLC is a Limited Liability Company. Many entrepreneurs establish an LLC for their business. It involves more legal mumbo jumbo than we know so contact a trusted lawyer! (or, check out LegalZoom)

    A DBA is “doing business as” . You can be YOU, doing business as YOU, or you can create a different name for your business. You can easily set your new business up as a DBA by going to the SBA site online. They will guide you through the requirements in your state.

  6. What is the best place to build a website for my business?
    There are a number of easy to use, somewhat intuitive sites that will help you get your new business online. Ask friends and colleagues what they suggest. We are available to help, also. Your first job, however, is understanding what your business is about and what your goals are. We have a checklist for this. Just email us for it. It’s free!

7. What is a gig economy?
According to, :
A gig economy is a free market system in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements.

This is the future of business today. It’s happening now and if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re likely part of it.

At Nurturing Big Ideas, we embrace the opportunities presented by a gig economy. This enables us, and you, to build creative ventures of our own, and to sell and market our unique products and services.

Our programs, workshops, and coaching help smart, talented women put the gig economy to work by embracing their talents to make magic. Because magic makes money.