How to Get All the Freedom You Ever Wanted

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We strive for freedom all of our lives. Even as children we want to be free - we want to be the master of our day, our desires, our dreams. As we grow older, we hand over the little bit of freedom we had as children to a world that works hard every day to crush us!

In today’s blog post you’ll learn how to get all the freedom you ever wanted!

The first thing you do is believe.

Children believe in magic. They believe in fairies and elves and Santa Claus. We give them this freedom because they need to learn faith.

Do you have faith in yourself? Faith in yourself is the foundation of believing you can achieve whatever you wish to achieve. Yes, Napoleon Hill tells us, “Whatever the mind of [wo]man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” But, how many of us understand what that means?

Here’s what it means:

  • It means a commitment to a lot of hard work

  • It means keeping your nose to the grindstone

  • It means never giving up

It means waking up each and every day and looking in the mirror and saying, “I will do this.” Not, “I can do this.” Of course you can. You must be more forceful. Say, “I will do this.” Say it out loud. Give it meaning!

You must believe before you can go on to step two.

Your second step is to Build.

Let’s imagine you’re building a house. You start by digging the basement and putting in a foundation. A foundation is key.

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Our foundation here at Nurturing Big Ideas is built on solid ground. We have experience. We have knowledge. We bring a lot of talent to our work. We’ve worked with women on their businesses for close to 20 years, in one capacity or another. We bring the passion of helping our sisters in business go from side hustle to serious business. Our clients bring a sincere commitment to learning.

Your foundation includes knowledge, experience, learning, and talent. It’s your reason for saying, “I will do this.”

Too many women discount their lives and we see this in baby boomer women especially.

  • “I’m too old.”

  • “I can’t do this as a business. No one will buy my stuff.”

  • “I’m not talented enough.”

And so on. They have a litany of reasons they can’t take their passion, their hobby which is astonishing all of their friends and family, to its logical conclusion - a serious business. A profitable business.

None of what they say is true and we help nurture out the truth of their opportunities. The truth that they bring exceptional experience. They are all so smart, and willing to learn what they don’t know. They can showcase their talents to the world, but they shy away from selling.

All of the women with a passion, a purpose, and a desire to achieve, can do so…once they believe and build that foundation.

Your Third Step

Step three is often the hardest.

Women come to us with so little confidence, we thought Step One: Believing, would be the hardest to overcome.

But, it’s this step, step three, that separates the wheat from the chaff.

In Step three, you Become.

There is joy in this step but it comes at a cost. You must complete the first two steps in order to become the business professional, the woman of achievement, the phenomenal woman that you really are.

Don’t you love the silly quotes you see on Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook?

You are what you eat. What???

Just do it. What???

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Um, yeah, so?

I know quotes like these are meant to inspire, but what do they really do? Mostly nothing.

They don’t help you become a business success. They don’t support you as you move through the journey. They don’t guide you along the way, except to cause confusion.

It’s through guiding, supporting, and learning, that you become what you desire.

It’s a tangible result of making an investment in you. It’s how you get freedom to do and be whatever you want.

  • Believing in it - in your passion

  • Building it - the successful business you want

  • Becoming it - a woman of achievement and success, on your own terms

Freedom is all around us. We all desire it. We’ve talked here of How to Get All the Freedom You Ever Wanted and the answer to that ‘how’ is - with a good bit of hard work. It’s not as hard as many baby boomer women (and women in general) think. But, it’s also not easy.

And that’s why we’re here. We know you have a big idea. We know it’s worth pursuing. We can guide you along the way, and bring that phenomenal woman we see in your eyes, out to meet the world.

Let us know what big idea you are working on to bring you all the freedom you ever wanted.