Don't Believe It? Worried it's a scam? Take These Four Steps To Suspend Your Disbelief

We nurture baby boomer women to move from hobby to business by embracing the believe in it, build it, and become it process.

Too many baby boomer women are on the “Don’t Believe It” train - the one leading nowhere. It’s because they’ve been taught not to believe in themselves. They are worried it’s all a scam, this building a business from a hobby thing.

It’s not a scam. I promise. You can suspend your disbelief. Get started by taking these four steps to tomorrow.

My goal today is to I’ll share these simple four steps to a great beginning. They are designed to help you create happiness along the road.

Maybe this quote I’ve had in my office for years and years will help. It’s short and simple and basically reminds us to embrace our phenomenalness as women.

Happiness is found along the way, not at the end of the road. ~Unknown

Four Steps to Tomorrow

ONE: Believe in TODAY! We all know the phrase is actually Carpe Diem! And that’s exactly what I want you to do - all baby boomer women should SEIZE the DAY! And that day is today.

Unfortunately, I hear an element of fear in this phrase; as if today is the only day to love and tomorrow is a dream that shimmers in our subconscious, a lure that might get us in trouble.

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I prefer to think of carpe diem as a gift. A gift of action. If we truly are able to SEIZE it, are we not then required to make use of it? Make good use of it? I think so.

And we are still able to plan for tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is just another day to seize with determination and great joy.

TWO: Banish YESTERDAY to the dungeon! It’s time to forgive and forget.

Are you seizing today but building a foundation out of yesterday? Are you still worrying about Samantha in sixth grade whose house you had to go to for lunch (no school lunches then!), who wouldn’t let you walk with her and her other friends?

Or, are you seizing today but find yourself thinking of how Diane D. embarrassed you in the lunchroom in ninth grade? We won’t talk about what she did. Let’s just say, forgive her and move on. It’s very likely she doesn’t remember that incident.

When you can banish yesterday to the dungeon, you give it, its due. Over and done with. Bad things, sad things, embarrassing things happened. They need have no bearing on you, today.

As TV therapist Bob Newhart would tell you, just Stop it! Stop thinking or worrying about what happened in your past! Watch the video. Very powerful.

Accept that today, you are strong, powerful, and phenomenal. You’re a woman ready to turn her hobby into a business. Go, YOU!

THREE: Write it down! Write that dream and everything it means to you down on paper!

Yes, it’s necessary to write it down. If you don’t write it down, it’s just smoke drifting around your head, clogging your brain with ‘what ifs’.

You don’t want that.

Writing it down makes it real. We’ve talked about this before. The intent becomes real when you commit it to paper. If it takes two sheets of paper, fine. Three, fine. Four, fine. I don’t care. Just do it.

This exercise can be repeated daily. And, you can make revisions daily. Be flexible. There is no right answer - and the essay portion of this task may be improved upon as you grow and learn not only how to build a business, but how to become a professional in that business.

FOUR: Rejoice in your friendships!

Friendship is a delight we take for granted, and shouldn’t.

This article in Psychology Today, by Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D shares the real value of friendship. Susan writes about a book called Friendfluence written by Carlin Flora. This quote hit home to me!

Friends can give you vital life skills. Friendfluence gives you vital life skills; “the very abilities one generally needs to be successful in life” (p. 6). There are many perks of friendship include sharpening your mind, making you generally happier, knowing yourself better, becoming inspired to reach your goals, advancing your career, helping you meet romantic partners, and living a longer and healthier life.

I am a big fan of partnerships. In my world, I have a strong partnership with my husband Tom, of Old Dog Learning. It exists outside of our marriage and allows us to combine efforts to reach more people in need of help when they get stuck.

My friendship with Robbi made Nurturing Big Ideas possible.

My friendships with groups of women in networking and social media, make my live richer, fuller, and accountable. These are women and men who share my desire for success — as I share a desire for theirs.

As good friends, we embrace the first three steps here, and when a stumbling block trips one of us up, those friends are at the ready to right us and point us in that forward direction.

The scam for baby boomer women is that they are too easily convinced their big idea won’t work. Or that they don’t have the talent to carry it through. Or that they will be laughed at by family, friends, the whole big world. That’s the scam. None of that is true.

Take the leap. Become that real business you’ve dreamed of becoming. Make that money you want to make. Have the free time to visit grandkids across the country. Buy that new car. Whatever it is that is nudging you to take your magic to the next level, listen to it and go for it!

We would love to hear what’s holding you back. Do tell!

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