Crafting the Income You Desire in 2019


Your Creativity

can make you money in 2019

Crafting the income you desire in 2019 starts now.

Maybe ‘desire’ is too strong a word. Maybe we shy away from strong words like desire because they wrap themselves around our tonsils and stick needles in our vocal cords.

Desire is most often equated with a wish – a strong want or feeling. You can check out for more insight, if you like. For me, now, the word words because we baby boomer women (and not a few millennials, also) have great desire to increase our income in 2019. I suspect a few of us don’t have an income – if you discount social security, which is isn’t income, it’s money being repaid to us – so we’d like to create an income.

2019 is a good year to start creating that income or increasing it.

I used the word craft in my title because it denotes a need for creativity. Crafting is inherently obvious in those hobbies that require your hands. Jewelry making, cake decorating, knitting, sewing, even writing. We craft stories, we writers.

Other folks use their talents to inspire, coach, support, care for, or otherwise influence another person’s world. They craft, also, but in a different way. Their skills are less visible.

What’s Your Number?

My number is $3500. That’s the bottom-line amount of income I want to make in 2019. I will be happy with it, once I achieve it. It will allow me to do things I might not otherwise have the cash on hand to do – travel, buy new clothes (shoes!), take my grandchildren here and there, any number of things I want to do that might be beyond my budget at the moment.

My other number is $10,000. Oh yes. That number is where I will strive to be. That number gets me far beyond the counting pennies life so many retired folks live. That number allows me to invest for the days when I am no longer using my craft to bring in money, but I am happy to rely on the money I’ve invested wisely to support me in my old, old, old age.

It’s good to have a number. Having a number gives you a goal. Having a number inspires you to move forward. Having a number brings a bit of excitement to your life. After all, if you reach the first number in the first quarter of 2019, won’t you be excited and delighted and ready to move on to the second number?

Oh yes!

whats your number 2019.png

How do you get there?

You plod along.

No, that’s not right. Plodding along sounds like drudgery. We don’t want you to live in a world of drudgery. How awful is that?  

You get there by putting in the effort and the time, but you do it with joy and anticipation. The joy and anticipation come from actually crafting your life using your talents. It’s moving beyond the day to day world you left behind, whether that’s a result of retiring from a ‘job’ or quitting/leaving a ‘job’. The result is still the same – you are now in charge of your life, you are your own boss, what you do every day will make you or break you.

At Nurturing Big Ideas we don’t want you to be working towards a number or a goal just because you have to. We want you to embrace the creativity in your soul. We want you to uncover the love you once had for crafting jewelry, or for photography, or for baking. We want you to begin to understand your possibilities. We want you to believe, build, and become the woman you once dreamed you could be.

At Old Dog Learning, Tom would say we want you to become ‘unstuck.’ Too many of us were stuck in dead-end jobs for too long. Or, we had jobs we enjoyed, but they weren’t the careers we dreamed of, once upon a time. Now that we’re free, there is confusion and reluctance because we’re still thinking like an employee!

Never Be an Employee Again!

Let me clarify that. You are your own boss now; you are your own boss of your own life. But you are also the best employee you have, in this new business you’re starting.

And business it is. Do not forget that! You may make it a little business, that does not take up much time, but still brings in a good income, or you may make it a big business that grows over time and rewards you with a great income, the choice is yours. The important thing to remember is that it is a business. It’s your hobby turned profit and that makes it a business.

your business focus in 2019.png

Just think of it! Your business! Bringing in that extra cash you want. Your business! Attracting new customers every week. Your business! Owned and operated by you.

We teach you how to make all of this happen. We have the process and the support you need.

Nurturing Big Ideas is looking forward to 2019 with great joy! We’re building programs and workshops that will give you the tools and training you need to craft the income you desire in 2019. You bring your talent and creativity, and your desire to learn the steps needed to be successful, and we’ll provide the place to learn, and the supporting materials.

Your first assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to download our 21 Steps and sign up for the Big Ideas Newsletter. Go on, do it now.

Until next time, craft more – worry less. 2019 is your year. You got this.