How to Stop Thinking About What You Want To Be and Become It!

"I think I can, I think I can," said the little engine that could. As women, as mothers or aunts or best friends, we've all read the story to kids we love. The story of The Little Engine that Could inspires everyone to persevere and move forward. When you think you can, you can.

But, thinking isn't enough, is it? I spent a good bit of my life thinking I would be a writer. I would write novels that the whole world would read and I would go to book signings and have a loft in NYC and I would be successful. 

I Am an Entrepreneur

I started in 7th grade. I wrote novels. I wrote short stories. I got some of my work published and felt good about it! But, as I sit here today, I confess that I am not a novelist. I am a business leader. I am an entrepreneur. And, I love it!

Within that focus, I write all the time. Over the years, my writing has brought me recognition, accolades, and friends. And of them all, I value my friendships most! 

My desire to write brought here, to this moment, this day. I achieved that long-desired goal, in a different way, but I wouldn't change a thing! And, I still might write that novel!

You have talent. I know you do.

I am certain the baby boomer women's market it full of creative, talented women who make magic out old boxes and string. It's not something I THINK. It's something I KNOW.

I talk to many talented, inspirational women every week. Women are eager to lend their expertise to the world, to make it a better place. Women with passion and determination!

I suspect you might be one.

Of course, thinking about the wonderful things you'll do as an entrepreneur, a baby boomer in your second act, will not move you closer to your goal. Even unspoken goals need action! 

It's time to be a little wayward, perhaps. 

wayward young women window.jpg


Be Wayward, good women!

Is being an entrepreneur hard to do? Yes. Because all good things require hard work.

Can you do it? Yes. Because you are passionate and determined. And a bit wayward, perhaps? 

Oh, let's talk about wayward! I have a window sign in my office that says, "The Institute for Wayward Young Women | Making Bad Girls Better" . 

Oh the insult! Oh the horror! Oh the... humor. It might have been a real sign, in the early days of our country's birth. But, now, it inspires me to consider who the bad girls are, how to make them better, and what's wrong with wayward anyway? 

We'll talk more about that another time! Just be wayward - it means determined and off the beaten path!

Today,stop thinking and start acting

You can take your big idea from side hustle to serious business! First, stop thinking and start doing. Here are three things to get you moving! Don't forget to leave a comment and tell me all about yourself! 

Ready? Here we go:

1. Think of Harriet Beecher Stowe, who was a famous writer in a time when women were thought to be less intelligent than men. My favorite quote from her is, "Women are the real architects of society." Write down what you will architect this year! Write it down! Don't just "think" about it... give it life by putting it down on paper.

2. Find a mentor. Mentors are among the most valuable people on the planet. This is someone who can guide you as you develop your business plan. It's someone you trust. It does not have to be someone you know. Be unafraid to ask a favorite professional if he or she will mentor you. And, if they cannot, ask for references. Write down three names, right now, under your big idea, and call them today.

3. Join a local women's networking group. You can find an appropriate group on One that meets close enough to you to be easy and at a time that is a good fit for you. This gets you out of the house and into the community. Your big idea needs to fly, and keeping it indoors is as good as clipping its wings. Fly! Fly! Fly! Fly out to that networking group and meet women...just like yourself.

In my next post, I'm going to talk about confidence. We ladies often lack the confidence to be out in front of a crowd, even when we have the most fantastic big idea in the Universe. Confidence is easier to get than you may think. I'll show you how.

Are you spending too much time thinking about that big idea, rather than acting on it? What's holding you back? Talk to me... I'm listening. 

She thought she could and so...SHE DID! 

She thought she could and so...SHE DID!