How To Make the Puzzle Pieces Fit

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Arrange the Pieces

Life is a puzzle. Virginia Woolf would have us arrange the pieces as they arrive.

Her quote bowled me over when I read it last year. I was going through some tough times. Nothing earth shattering, but they say when you make a big move - such as moving home, house, and business from Colorado to New York - it’s one of the most stressful things a human body/brain can endure.

I so agree. That move tried to kill me. I am only exaggeration a little bit. It wasn’t the rush of moving. We thought long and hard about it. Leaving our home in CO, which we loved, to be nearer to family, whom we love, was the right decision. However, making it real was definitely taxing, both to body and mind.

I saw the Virginia Woolf quote during that time. I had taken a break from packing, putting the pending move aside, including the fact that we had yet another showing of our current home later that day, and I went to my computer to clear my mind and write a bit. Writing always soothes me.

An Unfinished Work of Art

“Arrange whatever pieces come your way,” I whispered to no one. To myself, perhaps.

My mind immediately created a beautiful image of trees, and flowers, and calm. I could see myself at a large table, in a dimly lit room, surrounded by windows. The sun was shining in the windows, a soft breeze was fluttering the leaves on the maple trees. Evergreen trees stood like strong sentries about the house I was in. There were bright pink roses on a bush outside one window. The other window showed morning glories, reaching their blue faces to the sun.

On the table was a large, mostly unfinished, puzzle. A work of art; the puzzle of my life. One corner was complete and much of the edge down the right side was complete. I saw pieces of my life that I had forgotten about. And, scattered everywhere, I saw more pieces of my life, waiting to be added to the puzzle.

If you can think of your life that way - as a giant puzzle with pieces scattered about, but always within reach, you can begin to build the story of you, the story of your passion for this business you want to build. You can see the power of being a woman, a baby boomer with years of experience, and a desire to build something in her second act - a time for that encore of you.

Believe. Build. Become

It’s a desire many baby boomer women have. They already have that side hustle - taking their creative talents to a new business idea, a big idea the can sometimes be overwhelming or so red hot it’s scary - but they still struggle with the understanding of how to make it a serious endeavor.

Take Virginia Woolf’s advice. Learn how to arrange whatever pieces come your way. To be frank, I promise the Universe will only send you pieces that are relevant to you. Relevant to your life and your hopes, dreams, desires, and your plans to go from side hustle to serious business.

You make the puzzle pieces fit by being flexible yourself. These are not pieces wrought in stone or even cardboard. These are pieces made of cookie dough. You are the one in charge of creating the style, the color, the shape. You are in charge of where they go in the puzzle.

Pull out all the stops. Mold the pieces to your desires. Make your hobby, your side hustle, into a serious business. Become the professional businesswoman you desire to be. As we say here at Nurturing Big Ideas: Believe. Build. Become. Understand that sometimes you’ll craft a puzzle piece and it won’t fit, no matter what you do.

Never despair. Crafting a piece of the puzzle that refuses to conform to your ideas is not a bad thing. It’s an indication you need to look for a different piece to put in that place. Each piece will have its home in the puzzle, and if you force a piece, you will merely be bringing extra stress on yourself. Because, eventually, you have to remove it and find the piece that actually goes there.

Be calm. Be happy. Meditate. Don’t rush the puzzle. Make it fun. Make it intriguing. Make it useful. And, if you’re brave enough, invite others to help. Nurturing Big Ideas can help. Just let us know what you need. Send us a note at

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