How To Capture Your Big Ideas

Wait? What was that? A great idea that has now slipped through your fingers? You know how it goes: You get a brilliant idea in the most unlikely of places – the shower, in line at the grocery store, when you’re driving or at your child’s high school musical.

You think you will remember the idea when you have time to grab something upon which to write it, but guess what. You don’t remember it. In fact, you may not even remember that you even had a brilliant idea. If you do remember that you had an idea it has long since blown away on the winds never to be retrieved again.

 What can you do to assure your brilliant ideas are explored? Here is how to capture your bid ideas so you can nurture them to fruition. Keep in mind though, not all ideas are as brilliant as you imagined they were so be prepared to move it aside for exploration at a later time when it might fit better you’re your life or business plans.

ihow to capture your big ideas

 There's nothing as disheartening as those times happens when inspiration strikes and we’re not ready to capitalize on it. So today I’m going to help you be ready. 

 How To Capture Your Big Ideas

  • Smartphones are your ideas’ best friend. If you don’t have a physical notebook, jot your idea in an app on your smart phone or email it to yourself. Pick up your phone and leave yourself a voice recording of the brilliant idea.

  • Keep a physical idea file (again this could be virtual) of physical ideas you’ve seen. Use an app like Evernote to take photos if headlines or article ideas you see or news stories that intrigue you. If you have access to the physical product that generated the idea, snip it out and put it into a physical “idea” folder. Note: If you see a headline and it sparks an idea – write down what idea it sparked. You may pull out your idea folder at a later time and wonder, “why did I save this article on how soft the lips of a manatee are?”

  • Devise a system to retrieve your ideas. If you use a virtual file for ideas, give them tags to help you look for them later. If you have a physical file for clippings, you may want to color code the clipping or put it in a separate file inside the idea folder.

Remember those times when you heard a snippet of a conversation, saw a magazine article in a bookstore or saw a billboard and thought, “I have to remember to tell my sister about that!” How often have you remembered to tell her when you saw her next? Gulp, right?

 Don’t lose your ideas.

Ideas may be fleeting, but the entrepreneurial thoughts they may spark could be just the impetus for your second act!

 Do you have an idea you want to explore and nurture to fruition? We can help!