Nurturing Big Ideas Today with Susan Epstein

One of the best parts of being active online is the way you meet new people.

I recently met Susan Epstein and was immediately inspired by her!

Here at Nurturing Big Ideas Today, we have one goal: to bring more women’s voices to the world. Within that goal, we look for voices that substance. Women of determination. Women of accomplishment, and that doesn’t mean you need a lot of initials after your name. It means you are out there getting it done.

It means talking to women like Susan Epstein.

A Metaphor of Life

A big part of this conversation with Susan Epstein centers around why we do things. Why did she, after just having a baby, decide to move her boundaries and branch out into private practice?

It turns out, much of what we women do, either because we ‘have’ to, or because we ‘want’ to, is all part of the metaphor of life.

I found a relevant inspirational poster on Pinterest from -

your mind is a garden.jpg

It should be noted that Susan and I also discussed the use of inspirational quotes, such as this one, and how they are wonderful ideas to share, but sometimes, you have to look more inward to be inspired.

Women entrepreneurs have unique roads to travel, if they seek success. Susan is a master in coaching them to their end goal, whether that’s improvement in their life and world, or business needs, or just recognizing their self worth and value.

She organizes masterminds and helps other build masterminds themselves.

Poetry and Maya Angelou

If you see the poetry here, you’re one of a growing group of women who recognize the power of words to move mountains. We talk poetry a bit, in today’s conversation. It is the ultimate metaphor for life, isn’t it? A favorite poet of Susan’s, and mine, is the illustrious Maya Angelou. But, of course.

(Susan tells a marvelous story about poetry and her dad - don’t miss it, watch the video now!)

I am so delighted with her approach to life and work - she builds friendships and partnerships, because she has that innate sense of wonder for all the talents women hide inside.

I know you will love this conversation, today. And, I want to add that I find Susan’s website warm and welcoming. I hope you will visit it and download her mastermind book.

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