Big Ideas In Books: A Book Review Series #4 Master Content Strategy by Pamela Wilson

There is a process for deciding which books to review on Nurturing Big Ideas in Books. It involves finding books with purpose and possibility, and deciding their content is necessary.

Remember, I always say “that which is necessary, gets done.” In book reviews, necessary means I have to do the review, to serve you, my creative audience.

Master Content Strategy by Pamela Wilson is a must-have at your elbow, for learning how to be a successful online ‘publisher’. I put the word ‘publisher’ in small quotes to remind you that you are a publisher. If you have a blog, or a website, you are a publisher.

We each of us have the soul of a publisher inside. That’s what I think. While not all of us live and breathe writing, in today’s world, each of us must learn to write and publish, online, in order to be successful.

Because the act of creating content is not as easy for all of us, this book will be the best guide you could ever have to learning how to master your content strategy and become a publisher with purpose. Do take a minute or two, after you watch my video slide show, to visit Pamela’s site and learn more about her.

Here’s what I said over on YouTube, about this book and this video review: “A complete look at content strategy from someone who knows! More than a guide, this book will help you establish the winning strategy for your content creation from the first thought, to the first word, to the final creation. “

Your comments are encouraged. Mastering anything takes time, of course, but when you have a book such as this, the time flies and you learn much faster than you would on your own.

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