Conversations with Smart Women: Monique Renee of Silver Paw Studio

She’s by far one of the happiest women I have ever met.

She bubbles over in conversations, with the kind of excitement that only comes with true exuberance. Her smile creates sunbeams everywhere she goes.

She brings laughter and joy with her, almost like a halo, each and every day. I have never seen Monique Renee without that essence of happiness we all wish we had.

Smart Conversations with Smart Women

In this session of Conversations with Smart Women, we explore the world of entrepreneurship via pets. Monique Renee of Silver Paw Studio is an expert, and I don’t use that term lightly, she truly is an expert, in photography. We’re talking phones, cameras, video, anything having to do with imagery. And pets.

She is, as she tells us, a Fur-tographer, after all.

You’ll learn quickly that although Monique, a BFF from BlogPaws, exudes the ‘can-do’ attitude we recommend here at Nurturing Big Ideas, she came by her expertise honestly. Like the rest of us, she learned from the people she works with and she also went out and found the right ‘teacher’, to further her education. She’s a natural at this, but she will be the first to admit she didn’t come out of the womb knowing how to take fantastic pictures of pets.

Her theme for the year is THRIVE.

I think that’s pretty awesome. I think we should all strive to thrive. And, I know it isn’t easy. I know we can fall by the wayside, when life, or family, or the Universe, throws rocks at us and trips us up at every corner.

I’ve been there. You’ve been there. Monique has been there. And still, I cannot think of a day when this woman wasn’t smiling and bringing sunshine with her.

Her career is unique. I call her Unique Monique, because I like the way it trips off the tongue. I call her that because she brings a unique perspective on taking photographs of pets, to her work. I call her that because she has taught me how to take better photos of Emily (when Emily allows me to photograph her at all, that is).

miss pretty emily.png

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This Conversation isn’t just fun (I mean, after all, it includes kids, dogs, cats and chickens), it’s informative. It’s not going to teach you how to do better pictures, you can contact Monique and ask her or visit her YouTube channel, for that.

You will learn more about the journey Monique took to get where she is. It might be similar to your own.

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But first, watch today’s Conversations with Smart Women: Monique Renee of Silver Paw Studio.