Smart Conversations with Smart Women: Aimee Beltran of Irresistible YOUniversity

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If you don’t now Aimee Beltran, this is your invitation to get to know her.

I will never forget the first time I saw Aimee. It was at a BlogPaws conference. This stunning young woman with black hair, a beautiful smile, and the best eye makeup I’d ever seen, was walking towards me and I couldn’t stop staring at her. “She’s stunning!” I thought.

I don’t know if she knew I was staring in awe, but I was. I heard her talking to another attendee, and I eavesdropped a bit. Although I didn’t learn much at that time, after all BlogPaws was a pet influencer conference, full of pet bloggers and brands, and Aimee wasn’t fully engaged with Irresistible YOUniversity yet, I did learn that she walked with a confidence I wish I could have for myself.

Beyond Stunning

And that’s what this is about. It’s about women becoming more confident, living in the body you were born with. It’s about personal development and how Aimee came up with the idea of a YOUniversity to help women become Irresistible.

Our short discussion covers topics such as reinvention, because I ask all of my Smart Women about reinvention, but we also touch upon ways to take your talents and make magic with them. Aimee admits she probably wasn’t as confident that first day we met. She struggles, as we all do, with body image and worry that the world does not see the real her.

You’ll hear us talk about her book, the Irresistible YOU Journal, which I have a copy of, BTW. It’s a way to look inside yourself and understand the phenomenal you inside, and bring her out to see the world.

I had to have this conversation at this time, because I struggle with this myself. I am not getting any younger and I often feel invisible in public, because anyone over 45 is…well, of no consequence to the world today.

Aimee helps me understand how that isn’t true, or if it is, it’s because I allow it to be true.

She’s got a formula, a process, an original path to irresistible and I think it’s fantastic. No one does it the way Aimee does it.

If you’re a woman with body image issues, and I haven’t met a woman who doesn’t have them, Aimee can help you get over yourself.

Visit her Irresistible Icing blog. Join her group on Facebook. Get her Journal.

But, first, watch this conversation. (p.s. I do not get a commission on her book - the link is not an affiliate link - I share it to encourage you to buy it because it’s good! Get it today!)