Conversations with Smart Women: Mia on the Go

I continue to be amazed and inspired and thrilled by the women I meet.

Amazement comes when they show their talents to the world.

Inspiration comes when I see the magic that is being created, from those talents.

And the thrill comes when they share their magical talents with the world.

Mia on the Go - Going Places

This video conversation with BFF Mia on the Go, gets down to the real nitty gritty. She is all of that - amazing, inspiring, and thrilling.

I believe Mia Voss is a true pioneer when it comes to both supporting other women and proving that you can live your passion. Oh, sure, other women have done it. Some even make the national news. But, no one does it like Mia, and no one ever will.

I met Mia almost ten years ago and even then she was on the forefront of online success. She had taken her life’s experiences and ported them over to the web. I knew the minute our eyes met, that this woman would be an amazing success.

It wasn’t just that she was “going places” as we used to say, when we met someone with that charm, that intelligence, that drive to move forward. It was that she had that one, two, three punch: 1) she was smarter than the average person sitting in the cafe drinking coffee; talking to her for five minutes proved that; 2) she was beautiful - not just her appearance, it was her smile, her eyes, her intent - to serve the people she was with, it made her glow a little bit; 3) she had cultivated a ‘can-do’, ‘will-do’ attitude towards life.

gifts are personal to you.png


It was delightful having this conversation with Mia. She works as a brand ambassador these days. You’ll see her traveling across the country and around the world. You’ll see her representing women as a role model that won’t let her gender keep her from success. She is, openly and brazenly, unapologetic.

Her motto, for now, is “Live large, have fun.”

But, she also says, “Better the balance, better the world.”

In our conversation, we talked about how women learn to pivot - as they reinvent who they want to be.

We told stories.

We shared laughter.

We asked some hard questions.

One of the most powerful things Mia said during the conversation was this:

Your gifts are personal to you.

And therein lies the focus we should each bring to every day - to use our gifts, to know they are personal to us. I say, talent makes magic. I know Mia would agree that our talent is a gift, and each one of us should embrace the gift we are given - to use the talent we have to create the magic that makes us whole.

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