Conversations with Smart Women: Next Act with Kirsten Bunch

It isn’t enough to just write a book, or just read a book.

I believe in the power of words. I believe in the power of women’s words. You know that. I promote it extensively across the web.

But, I also believe, with deep desperation sometimes, that we must put action behind our words and not expect the words themselves to do the job.

On Conversations with Smart Women: Next Act with Kirsten Bunch, you will learn how to take your power to a new level, a next act, and how Kirsten - who is well-traveled and well-connected - came to understand that her life needed to change, in order for happiness and fulfillment to be a part of who and what she is.

Whew! That’s a big sentence. Go ahead, re-read it. Absorb it. It’s important.

Finding Your Root

As you know, I did a review of her book, Next Act Give Back, on Big Ideas in Books, and this video does mention the book a few times. But, the video gets into more of the nitty gritty about changing your life. It’s also a little bit about Kirsten and her change - change of view, change of purpose, change of focus.

I love her word “changemaker” - as opposed to reinvention. Nothing wrong with reinventing yourself, I do it all the time. But, becoming a changemaker requires more thought, I think.

It’s about “finding your root”, she tells us.

It’s about women who want to “fix a problem” and “make a better world”

Her clients often bring a social component to their change idea.

Within that, she tells us that many of the women she works with (and she works with men, too, as do we all), bring an emotional need to the conversation. They suddenly aren’t going into an office any longer, and that’s a challenge. How do you manage your day when your day is no longer managed for you?

As you might imagine, our talk of ‘change’ did include a unique change of life we women go through called menopause. Once upon a time, that was a dirty word. You whispered it to family and friends, and felt the blush come to your face, both from ‘hot flashes’ and embarrassment at saying that word out loud.

But, it’s a fact of life for women and Kirsten talks about a book she’s been reading (see above how words are power) called The Hormone Fix: Burn Fat Naturally, Boost Energy, Sleep Better, and Stop Hot Flashes, the Keto-Green Way by Anna Cabeca DO OBGYN.

I plan to have more conversations with Kirsten Bunch. She has stories to tell that will inspire you more than any quote making the rounds of the web, today. (and we didn’t even get into how she learned to roller skate and do Roller Derby at 46!). Leave a comment and tell me what you’d like to learn more of, from Kirsten Bunch, Changemaker.

Conversations with Smart Women: Kirsten Bunch, Changemaker

Enjoy this Nurturing Big Ideas Today Conversation. I hope it helps you find your root.

Connect with Kirsten at her website, as listed on the video cover shot. Visit our video page for more smart conversations.

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