May Day: Our Theme is Disruption

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Getting a Little Bit Radical

It’s May Day. Our theme is disruption, a purposeful way to create radical change in your life.

Are you ready for that? Do you want to be disruptive? Is radical change too much for you?

This isn’t a new concept. If you study Blue Ocean Strategy, you get a sense of how to use disruption to your advantage.

First, recognize your talent. Embrace the magic of it. Close your eyes and imagine holding it in your hands. Not the product of the talent, the talent itself!

How does it feel? Is it pointy and sharp? Should it be?

Is it soft and squishy? Do you like that?

Accept the talent for what it is

You talent is a gift, it’s given to you by the Universe. You are encouraged to play with it.

Being radical, creating change, learning how to be disruptive, is just the beginning.

When you can feel your talent, it’s time to learn to make magic with it.

The magic is how you treat the gift.

It’s how you work on the gift, freely given.

It's how you bring it to the world and share in its glory.

Think colors and shapes

I wrote a post about art and imagination, recently. Your gift is like art. No, it IS art. It’s part of being a human being and bringing the colors of your dreams to life.

It’s in these colors and shapes that you create disruption.

Don’t think of it as just purple or blue or yellow or red. Think of it as silk, and cotton, and stone, and grass, and air. Imagine it as a tangible thing.

Many of our women create actual product, so this exercise might be easier for them. They can touch and feel the products they produce with their imagination.

For others, who operate in a world of mind and ideas, finding something to hold, a real, solid thing (for me it would be one of my elephants, I have dozens scattered about my house). Make the thing you’re holding the object of your disruption.

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Different is Good

Everyone wants to be different. Everyone says their product or service is different. I sometimes am not sure what they mean. Different than…what?

We all have competition. We all want our stuff to stand out from the competition. So, we look at the competition and go back to our workshop and spend time sweating out new, different, amazing products just to stay in the game.

But what if you took your talent and cause a disruption by doing this - as the Blue Ocean Strategy blog suggests:

A blue ocean strategist, on the other hand, doesn’t focus on benchmarking or imitating competitors, or on trying to improve on their best practices. Instead, they focus on how to make the competition irrelevant.

Making Your Competition Irrelevant

This takes a lot of work, a great deal of practice, and a mindset that focuses on two things:

The talent, the gift, the magic you bring to the work you do.

And, an understanding of your customer or client.

We talk about these things in Smart Conversations with Smart Women. You can visit our blog video page and watch these short, informative conversations and learn how other women are out there causing disruption.

I urge my women to recognize their competition, but not to drown themselves in trying to compete. It’s not about being better than someone else. It’s about bringing magic to your customers.

Yes, it’s all about the MAGIC

Magic exists in each of us.

The concept of being a Goddess is a little bit about accepting the magic in your soul, I think.

Maybe I’m wrong. But, our intuition serves us well, as moms, aunts, sisters, daughters, and wives.

Many women I speak to whisper that they believe in themselves, they are proud of their talent, they don’t recognize it as magic, nor do they see themselves as a goddess.

But, they are creating magic and they are goddesses and they should raise their voices up and sing to the sky.

Go out, sing to the sky.

May your magic disrupt your soul enough to create ever more beauty in the world.

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One last little thing - advice: read. Read not just for pleasure or business. Read because it keeps you young. #TRUTH

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