Smart Conversations on Nurturing Big Ideas Today: Wendy Toth

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What do Nurturing Big Ideas Smart Conversations with Smart Women have to do with you, the talented woman reading this today?


You are just as smart as any of the women featured on this show. The reason for the videos is to help women everywhere learn and grow and realize - you have what it takes. If we could do it, and we have, you can do it too!

Wendy Toth is one of the BEST examples of this. She tells us in this video how she got her start, both in her career path and in her ‘life path’.

The best part of this conversation is its honesty.

Wendy is so purely honest about where she started and how she came to the place she is at today, it will resonate with millions. I am sure of that! (millions will not see it unless YOU share, dear reader - so, do share, please)

Interestingly, while she talks about her career as a journalist and content director, it’s her story about Supermarket News that takes the day.

I ask you, ladies, have you ever been bored with you job or career? Have you, or do you now, feel disengaged? Wendy feels connected to women who are struggling with bored and disengaged. She wants us to know there is a crisis brewing, if you’re dealing with bored and disengaged.

It’s Wendy’s destiny to work with women in mid-career. It’s her passion for helping others plan their career moved and become as fulfilled as she is, in the work they do.

Are you creative? Contemplating a change?

Maybe you need to talk to Wendy. Watch the video and leave her a comment.

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