Big Ideas in Books: essentialism by Greg McKeown

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Discerning what is absolutely essential

This New York Times bestseller earns it’s status honestly.

I can tell you that many New York Times bestsellers are not best sellers. At least, I doubt that they have sold the requisite number of copies. Maybe so. Maybe I am being petulant about it. I can just share that I’ve read some NY Times bestsellers that were pretty unimpressive.

On to Big Ideas in Books where we will discuss essentialism by Greg McKeowan. The title is not a typo, he spells it with a lower case ‘e’. Shades of e.e. cummings? Perhaps. I am not privy to the reason behind the spelling.

My guess on the spelling would be to demonstrate “the disciplined pursuit of less”, the sub-title of his book.

The Main Thing is to keep the main thing the main thing

Not meant to be a tongue twister. Merely meant to make a point.

Do you have a main thing? Can you identify it? Is it elusive?

Is it easily shared, described?

Know that the main thing here, as described by Stephen Covey, involves understanding what’s important and what is not. Relevant to things like - yes, family. See page 134 of McKeown’s book.

My short video slide review can on cover what I was strongly drawn to, in this essential look at life, business, and needful things.

If it helps you begin to understand where essentialism fits in our life, great. If not, I am not sorry. I did what I could.

Your next step is to get the book.

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