Nurturing Big Ideas Today with Shawna Schuh: A Smart Woman Conversation

A Conversation about Blissapline with Shawna Schuh.png

What How and Where

What is a good day for you?

How do you define success?

Where does blissapline fit into your life?

These are just a few topics Shawna Schuh , Founder of Women in the Pet Industry Network ,and I, Yvonne DiVita of Nurturing Big Ideas Today, talk about. Laugh about. Share with each other.

This Smart Woman Conversation is fully focused on ladies who are in the entrepreneurial mindset. But, it’s also a conversation for all women. Shawna mentions the way we are all “uniquely, wonderfully us!”

Having known Shawna for more than 10 years now, and so proud to say I was the 2015 Woman of the Year in the Women in the Pet Industry Network, I am more than proud and delighted to share this great time, all 21 minutes or so of it.

Vivacious and Effervescent

Shawna brings such vivaciousness and effervescence to everything she does, every moment spent in conversation with her makes me happy, it gives me energy, and I leave having learned not only something new about myself, but something new about how the Universe works.

This doesn’t mean Shawna runs the Universe. It merely means she is a voracious learner who spends time studying the “human condition”, much the way I do.

She believes in blissapline. She believes in bringing joy to the work we do, making our ‘discipline’ more of a matter of bliss than a requirement of work.

She reveals that even as a child, “I always wanted more. I had a lot, don’t make any mistake about that. But, I still wanted more.”

Enjoy this Smart Conversation with a woman who is smart, talented, and delightful. One of the wondrous things about Shawna is her eagerness to learn from everyone she meets and then pass on that experience as she travels through her week.

I would be remiss not to also mention her love of animals. “Fur under my fingers,” she laughs, as we talk about the ‘critters’ in her life.

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Embrace blissapline. See image below for one of the concepts we discussed - how thoughts become words and more.

watch your thoughts for they become words.png

See you next week for another Smart Conversations with Smart Women on Nurturing Big Ideas Today.