Conversations with Smart Women: Kim Porter Life Coach

This Smart Woman conversation hits home. For me and for many women out there, no doubt.

Hat’s off to Aimee Beltran for introducing me to Kim Porter. Her (Kim’s) life coaching program is based on her experiences overcoming those limiting beliefs we all have.

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In our conversation you will learn Kim’s story. A story of worry and whispers and “what should I do?”

Sound familiar?

I know a good many of you have those whispers - the ones directing you to a path you’re not sure of, but one you’d like to explore. Too many of you ignore the whispers and go about your business as is. Too many of us, as women, let the whispers fill our heads with that belief that we can be something…else… and then, we push them away and go about our usual day-to-day work. Sigh.

Kim talks and explains how she see the word “abundance” in relation to our lives and her life. Abundance is a powerful word if you take the time to understand it. And it can mean so many different things - including being thankful for family and the business idea that got you started as an entrepreneur.

For Kim, that was being a make-up artist. A very successful make-up artist!

Along the way, Kim began to think there was more to her story. She listened to the whispers. She took time to explore her inner woman. She got clear on what her life was all about.

Now she offers clarity to her clients.

Clarity is missing from so much of what some of us do, when we decide to start a business, or turn a hobby into a business. We think we know what we’re doing, who we’re selling to, and then we discover we’re not as clear about it all as we thought.

I love her promise - to help women “overcome limiting beliefs.”

Think mindset. Think blessings. Think lucky.

You don’t want to miss even one minute of this conversation. It’s so full of great insight and advice.

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Have a great day! I wish abundance for all of you today and every day.