Conversations with Smart Woman Online: Catriona Futter

Once more, my Smart Woman Online Conversation has blown me away!

In today’s video we learn from Catriona Futter (pronounced Katrina), that self confidence can be learned, and when we lose sight of who we are, as women, she is there to help lead us back to ourselves.

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You’ll discover in this conversation that we rather forgot we were in front of an audience. At least, I did. I was wholly caught up in that topic and even the few side-steps we made.

Yes, it’s a good thing

Personally, I think letting conversation flow, as an audience looks on, is a good thing. While the goal is always to help others learn something useful, it’s also to show that having a conversation is both inspirational and thought provoking.

With Catriona, the idea of connecting via social media, which we did, proved itself a winner.

The topics of women overcoming hurdles (many of their own making), of becoming who they are meant to be, and of sharing experiences with others, only proves that the more women talk, the more they teach and learn.

It’s STEAM, folks. Not STEM

In this conversation, the topic of art looms large. Are you artistic? Catriona shares a great story of how she never thought what she did was artistic, but she finally learned, maybe she realized it one morning when her view of what art is and what it isn’t changed, that she is as artistic as any of us.

Life is artistic. That is the bottom line. We are all artistic. (Catriona even says football is artistic… interesting, don’t you think?)

As I share in the video, Tom, my husband (of Old Dog Learning), believes conversation around teaching girls shouldn’t just be STEM, but STEAM. The “A” stands for art.

Within this talk, we mention Moms (we are both Moms), we mention teaching children to learn who they are to become and what they want to be, and we touch on the fact that between countries, hers and mine, people are just people...maybe different in personality or upbringing, but still, so very much alike.

The Story of You

I love Catriona’s ideas on resilience, growth mind-set, and how she smiles when she says she loves to hear people’s stories.

I’m sure you have a story to share. Share it in the comments.

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Go on… you’ll be glad you did! Enjoy this week’s Smart Woman Online Conversation with Catriona Futter.