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Big Ideas In Books: A Book Review Series #4 Master Content Strategy by Pamela Wilson

Big Ideas In Books: A Book Review Series  #4 Master Content Strategy by Pamela Wilson

Master Content Strategy by Pamela Wilson is a must-have at your elbow, for learning how to be a successful online ‘publisher’. I put the word ‘publisher’ in small quotes to remind you that you are a publisher. If you have a blog, or a website, you are a publisher.

How to Laugh Louder and Live Better as an Entrepreneur

How to Laugh Louder and Live Better as an Entrepreneur

Nurturing Big Ideas wants you to be the success you’ve always dreamed of being. But, we don’t want you to struggle so terribly that you give up. Too many of us share our trials and tribulations as if they are badges of honor, and perhaps they are. “Look at this,” we say, proudly showing off our bruises and scrapes, as if the scabs are proof that we’re on the right track.

But, more important than any scab, any bruise, any bloody knee, is the laughter and joy at accomplishing a goal - knowing the trek, no matter how hard, was worth it.

How To Move Beyond, "I've Always Wanted To..."

I’ve always wanted to:

  1. Write a novel

  2. Start a business

  3. Learn to knit/sew/do woodworking

  4. Run a marathon

  5. Lose weight

How To Move Beyond, "I've Always Wanted To..."

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It is so easy to get stuck in the “I’ve always wanted to…” cycle. There are so many things you may want to do, but you don’t. Why? There are various reasons: You may not have the time, money or knowledge. Believe me, if you truly want to do something you can find the time, money (or a free or low-cost way to learn) or find someone with whom to have accountability or mentorship to propel your idea forward.

For example, there are times I have said, “I want to learn to play the flute.” I played clarinet in high school — because that was the instrument my mother liked and the one she said she and dad would pay for. She didn’t care for the flute, therefore I didn’t get to learn it. Our daughter, however, was in band and she chose the flute. If I wanted to learn to play it right now, at my age, I am certain she would teach me. I could also find a tutor (I’ll bet a high school music teacher would offer lessons) and get away from the “I’ve always wanted to” and on to “I AM doing it.”

I know from my own life that there are times I say, “I don’t have time to do XYZ.” When I take a cold, hard look at my lifestyle I realize that I plop my butt in front of the television for three hours a night. If I truly wanted to do something, anything, I could give up television, right? Right. I do also know myself well enough to know that I have no creative energy at night. I wouldn’t work on my novel after having spent a day writing. I could, however, take up knitting or work on a cross stitch project. There is truly no excuse to not move a hobby, dream or Big Idea forward.

What can you do today to go from “I’ve always wanted to…” to realize that dream — no matter how big or small? Keep in mind there are no small ideas — if it’s your dream, then it is BIG in your mind and that’s what matters.

Yvonne and I are working on a project that will kick off early December (we hope. All depends on my hand surgery and that’s a topic for another post!). We would LOVE your help, though in helping us hone our focus. Help us move from “I’ve/We’ve always wanted to host a mastermind group for baby boomers who want to take their Big Idea from thought to action and interact with like minded people.”

We’d appreciate your help. It’s easy. It’s quick. AND it puts you in a drawing for one of two Amazon gift cards we are giving away just for helping us out! Click here.


8 Reasons to Get Out of Bed Today and Start a New Business

8 Reasons to Get Out of Bed Today and Start a New Business

I don’t want you to get so caught up in the holidays that you ignore your business, however. If you’ve been toying with a big idea all year long and you suddenly look up and see the date and think, “It’s too late now. I’ll put that off till January,” you will be doing yourself a terrible disservice!

There is no better time to start something new, or revive something not so new, than now!

How to Create a Business Built on a Hobby

If you’re in your second act, that is, you once had a ‘real’ job and you are now retired, or, you were home with the kids (a hard job in and of itself…though you don’t collect social security for it!), and you’re an empty-nester, you may be wondering how to create a business built on a hobby.