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In our video, we share thoughts on emotional intelligence (do women really have more of it than men?), how being uncomfortable gets you further ahead than resting on your laurels, how Joanne helps you learn to Stop, Pause, Think, and Now Action! I asked Joanne about the pause concept quite a bit. What is it? Why is it important? Is it more than just a quick breath, and on we go? Read more →

This insightful conversation shares online business strategy, various ways to make money online, how your work, the value you bring, will build your reputation and help you become the successful entrepreneur you've been dreaming of becoming. Read more →

There are those who will tell you work is play. Or, if it isn't, that you should be doing something else. Here's a more current thought - did you play with building blocks as a kid? Did your kids play with building blocks? What about those all popular inter-connecting building blocks? You know the kind, the ones that are so colorful and today also can help kids create super heroes and cars and fire stations and more. Read more →

Our friendship goes back to BlogPaws and before, when I followed her on her gig at Copyblogger. It's precisely because of all the things this woman has taught me that I knew I needed to have her on Smart Women Conversations. Each week I try to offer a glimpse into the heart and soul of a smart successful woman who knows more than we do, someone who is willing to share and offer advice, and Pamela delivers fantastically. Read more →

We met serendipitously over the web when my daughter, Chloe DiVita, mentioned "the red thread" to me. This was not an idea or concept I was familiar with, which meant I had to go in search of it. Finding Tamsen not only educated me on a Greek myth I knew nothing about (watch the video to learn), but also helped me understand the ideas behind following your own red thread. Read more →

This conversation focuses on that, brain health, women's health, and  how to bring happiness into your life - both inside and out. Ann considers herself a Happiness Ambassador - a coach who helps us look better, live better, and FEEL better. Which is something we all need more than ever today. Read more →

When it comes to our small business, our next big idea, our purpose in life, we ignore our intuition to our own detriment. I would like you to think of your intuition as a super power. While we share this essence with all humanity, it's not a woman-thing as some will try to tell you, truth is, we, as women, have a deeper sense of it. We, as women, allow it to sway our decisions. We, as women, learn to appreciate it, over time. Read more →

If for no other reason, watch this video for the stories. You know how important stories are, to me. To the purpose of what Nurturing Big Ideas is about. Stories are the essence of not just ourselves, but our Mothers and sisters and grandmothers and aunts. Our stories help us understand who we are and bring us together with other women - because every story, in every woman, is important and should be told.  Read more →

It's in the telling of how we got started that we can embrace once upon a time. It's not necessary to say the words "once upon a time" out loud. But, you can think them, and let them remind you of those delightful fairy tales of your youth. In your story, you're the hero. The client or prospect is the princess. It's your job to save the princess from the evil sorcerer! Read more →

My desire to write a book was a secret I'd not told anyone, yet. I blurted it out to this man and knew it for what it was - the confession that I was wasting my life on work I did not care about, when I should be doing what I love. Writing a book! "You should write a book," he agreed. I wasn't sure he was agreeing because he thought I was capable of writing a book, or if he was trying to weasel his way into my good graces. Read more →