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It seems that I have a lot of luck in my life. People tell me, “You’re so lucky to live so near your grandchildren.”Not really. I had a plan. The plan was to move from CO to NY to be near my grandchildren. Luck had nothing whatever to do with it. I made the decision. I made the choice. I followed the plan. I made the move. Read more →

Think of too tall or too short as not who you are but what you bring to the lectern. You bring experience dealing with the unfair nature of otherwise smart people to place you in a box you don’t belong in. Read more →

My world is not a 9-5 job. I could sing working nine to five all day long and only relate because I was once a nine to fiver. All those years ago.For folks who are 9-5, folks who even treat their entrepreneurial endeavors as a 9-5 serious work day, here are a few tips and tricks to get yourself out the door every day. Read more →

However, the best and most productive way to be ‘brutally’ honest is to remember the other person is… a person. A person with hopes and dreams and desires and expectations, just like you.When we learn to treat each other with the respect we deserve as human beings, always tempering that brutally honest truth with compassion, we are helping make the world a better place. Read more →

One of the biggest things that was causing me stress was rewriting my blogging how-to book. I had it in my mind I wanted to rewrite it before the Cat Writers Conference. After I realized that project alone was freaking me the hell out I let it go. I will take copies of the book as is and will continue working on the rewrite and re-release it later because it will be new and improved. Stress level dropped drastically. Read more →

Today, we’ll talk a bit about SMART goals. And, I don’t just mean how to be smart about setting goals. Instead, I want you to learn how to understand SMART intentions and get them to work for you. Read more →

But, if you do not determine your target market now - I prefer calling it a goal market, as in, your goal is to have such great offers, the people will delight over them and buy them - you will have a hard time of it, going forward. Read more →

Women today, of a certain age like myself, and many of the smart, talented younger women, like my daughters, want to be independent in a world that would have them become a cog in a wheel, rather than a shining star in the firmament.It’s just that they aren’t sure how to start. Where to start. What to do first. Read more →

Not just any books. Read books that will help you on your path to prosperity. Business books are a dime a dozen, and many are just a lot of fluff. I’ve read many a fluffy ‘feel good’ business book. I would like you not to read those. This is not about daily affirmations (though you should have one). It’s not about wishing and hoping, like that old 60’s song. It’s about doing. It’s about learning what you need to know to move forward. Read more →

In my many years of doing business, I have taught and advised clients to tell the story of you. Tell us who you are. Tell us about your childhood desire to be something, to be somebody, to break free from society’s demands, to be your own person.“We want to know about you,” I would tell my clients. “Tell us about your dreams. Share some failures. Be real.” Read more →