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Not just any books. Read books that will help you on your path to prosperity. Business books are a dime a dozen, and many are just a lot of fluff. I’ve read many a fluffy ‘feel good’ business book. I would like you not to read those. This is not about daily affirmations (though you should have one). It’s not about wishing and hoping, like that old 60’s song. It’s about doing. It’s about learning what you need to know to move forward. Read more →

In my many years of doing business, I have taught and advised clients to tell the story of you. Tell us who you are. Tell us about your childhood desire to be something, to be somebody, to break free from society’s demands, to be your own person.“We want to know about you,” I would tell my clients. “Tell us about your dreams. Share some failures. Be real.” Read more →

Business coaches teach the concept of unique over and over. Understanding how your products or services are unique becomes a challenge you will visit over and over.Are your colors more vibrant? Is your design both eye-catching and inviting? Do you have a new - really new, not just new because you say so - process that will bring true success to your clients? Read more →

We have more opportunity now than ever before to turn our disappointment into a paid hobby that supports us as we dance and sing into our senior years. Why shouldn’t we dance and sing and skip our way into our 70s and 80s and more? We have all the answers now. We aren’t the frivolous children of the flower power years, imaging that the world would stop just for us.We’re grown women. We understand the talents and magic in our fingertips. We’re full of experiences and knowledge we never imagined having, all those long years ago. Read more →

I started my full-time writing career more than a decade ago. I was working as an office manager for a drug and alcohol clinic and I hated it. I cried every day when I pulled into the parking lot. When the door closed behind me it felt as though I was in a prison and my sentence was to get through the next eight hours before I could go home. Once out of the office and breathing sweet freedom I cried again from the stress of having spent yet another day of my life in a job that sucked the very life out of me. Read more →

Having a routine also eliminates decision fatigue. Hey, I eat the same breakfast almost every day simply because I don’t want to get up and try to decide what to have. Knowing I will have one egg, a half a bagel, coffee and read the paper before I start my day gives my brain a breather and lets me get to work without having had to fret about any decisions no matter how small. Read more →

By this time next week I will be 5,001 words into my novel. How can I be this precise? Because every November I join the legions of writers who commit to writing an entire 50,000 word novel in a month. It’s called National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and I have “won” for the past five years. Read more →

Your second act is a continuation. I like to say it’s a rebirth with a memory. You’re reborn as a new being, but your memory is full of experiences from that ‘before’ time. Your memory serves as your guide. It helps you be what you want to be, and to shed the failures of yesterday. Read more →

Over at Guidant Financial, they say “finding happiness and profitability” are the reasons many of us give for starting a small business as a baby boomer. When you put it that way, it sure seems like a great idea to me!entrepreneurs over the age of 50 are creating a significant impact on the landscape of small business: baby boomers born between 1946 – 1964 accounted for 54 percent of current small business owners and 43 percent of aspiring entrepreneurs. Read more →

And, on my journey, I've learned that many of the phenomenally talented women out there need a helping hand. I don’t sit around ‘hoping’ you’ll ask us for that helping hand. I work on my offers, my website, my social media channels, and the new book I'm writing. I do it as I plan on being there for you, when you need me. Read more →