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Too many of us share our trials and tribulations as if they are badges of honor, and perhaps they are. “Look at this,” we say, proudly showing off our bruises and scrapes, as if the scabs are proof that we’re on the right track. Read more →

Small business owners don’t need to fear their books—the basic principles are actually pretty simple. To be great at bookkeeping you don’t need to have any background in business, finance or even math!  Read more →

Now sell. But, don’t sell by throwing your stuff at people. No matter how great you are, how great your products are, if you throw them at me, I'm going to wonder why. And, once I suspect you of ulterior motives, I am less likely to buy from you. Read more →

I’ve heard so many people with so many excuses as to why their desks are a disaster zone. I have also heard, and seen, computer desktops that are a disaster zone. I mean, really, why do you need so many icons on your desktop that you can’t see the background image? Set up folders for Pete’s sake! Read more →

How will you announce and market your products and services without a website? Here are some ways you can market yourself without a website; you might already have thought of these, but maybe you’re not doing them as effectively as you could because of all the work they entail: Read more →

Desire is most often equated with a wish – a strong want or feeling. You can check out dictionary.com for more insight, if you like. For me, the word works because we baby boomer women (and not a few millennial women) have a great desire to increase our income in 2019 and beyond. I suspect some of us don’t have an income – if you discount social security, which is isn’t income, it’s money being repaid to us – so we’d like to create an income. Read more →

There is great business growth, where you have more customers than you know what to do with, and they are wildly enthusiastic about your brand.And, there is business growth where you are making do. You earn new customers but you lose old customers. You introduce new products that create interest, but not wild word-of-mouth attention. You aren’t failing, but you are only moving forward step by step. Read more →

One woman, after hearing me talk about nurturing others as they move into a second act, pulled me aside and said, “I have never heard that concept before, but it’s fascinating. I mean, when you first said it, I thought you were talking about teaching us how to get into theater work.”And how delightful would that be? Theater work, acting, or directing, or being stage manager, is a great second act idea.But that’s not what I mean when I say second act. Read more →

During my childhood my mother worked for a brief time at Fisher Price Toys and at a company that made swimming pool solar covers. For the most part though I remember coming home from school to fresh baked cookies or bread or my mom in front of the television watching General Hospital and ironing laundry. Read more →

And maybe best of all, I  bring the passion of helping our sisters in business go from side hustle to serious business; from dream to reality; from planting that seed to seeing it bloom - in wonderful full color delight!  Read more →