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For Heneka, eating right, exercising, meditating, praying, and being centered are all necessary parts of her entrepreneurial journey forward. She does all of this, pays attention to all of it, because she had a serious health scare not that long ago. Read more →

A few years ago, as I was traveling, I spent time in one airport or another reading The Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield. It's a book on philosophy and the human experience. A major thread throughout the book is the power of coincidence... and the fact that too many people ignore this power, including women, who should be embracing it with open arms.  Read more →

Vicki Wushe, author and thought leader, talks with me about retirement. It's rather like sleep walking into an uncertain future for some of us - something many of us are too familiar with in this time of corona. Here's a question: Why not use this time constructively? Why not get Vicki's book The Wealthy Retirement Plan: a revolutionary guide to living the rest of your life in style and find peace with your 'found time'. If it really is 'found time'. Read more →

There is poetry in the symmetry of that majestic tree and each flower, in each garden, you pass by on your walk each day. Each vein in each leaf shimmering in the morning sun, slipping through the curl of a new bud, fluttering in a breeze that gently nudges the knotted branches; they sing of poetry, in whispers and music so soft you must pause in your walk to hear, to listen, to absorb. Read more →

Lisa never let the family problems hold her back. The third child in a family of four children, she has more stories of life growing up confused, than most. Weren't we all confused as kids? But this is different. This is confusion from being in a home torn by alcoholism. Perhaps something more. Whatever it was, the choice Lisa made was to get through it, get beyond it, and somehow, get over it.  Read more →

One point Maureen talks about might surprise you. She confesses to impostor syndrome and how it affects all of us at some point or another, including some of the smartest, most successful professionals out there, in corner offices. Yep, the men and women we look up to sometimes get up, look in the mirror, and say, "I don't belong here. When will the world discover I shouldn't be here?" It's that sadness or worry or lack of confidence we feel gripping our heart, trying to hold us back. Whatever the reason, Maureen points out that we all suffer from it at some time or another in our lives. Read more →

We all have a blind spot. Most of us are woefully unaware of it, or we have convinced ourselves it's not a big deal. Watch and learn - because Holly is not fooling around here - this is serious content for women (and men) who get it - who know they're missing something in their discussions with prospects and even with clients.  Read more →

To actually touch and feel the past, perhaps. To travel to places most of us will only see on the Travel channel. That's just part of what I love about Shahrina. What you will love is how she shares her story of the journey from archaeology to law. And how life as a student studying law could be more difficult than most of us realize. Read more →

What I didn't realize, until many years later, is that I never left the old me behind. Where would I have put her? In the closet? She would not have endured that well, she objects to small spaces. In the corner of my bedroom? That would have been spooky! Read more →

If you're cringing a bit, if your hackles are up because if you ever do write a book it's going to be "your" book, not anybody else's book, calm down. Get a drink of water. Co-authors are a good thing. The key is to find the right co-author. And to establishing responsibility. Read more →

I especially wanted to share her today, on Black Friday, because I know how many of you are out and about grabbing up all the deals being offered. I expect you are aware of how much you should spend today, but it you get too caught up in the excitement (by which I mean, if you end up spending more than you planned) never fear, help is here! And I do mean help - no judgment. Just help. Read more →