People read to be either entertained, educated, or inspired. It is possible to be all three, in one book. Talented people are able to write books that entertain, inspire, and educate, without much trouble at all. It’s all in the storytelling. Read more →

Carol says, "Helping [women] to acknowledge there is no ‘one size fits all’ or ideal body shape," is often a first step. Her personal journey of overcoming an eating disorder will feel familiar to some, and sharing how it gives her more insight into understanding why women who say ‘I hate my body’ need a bit of outside help learning to undo all the years of self-doubt. Read more →

A few years ago, as I was traveling, I spent time in one airport or another reading The Celestine Prophesy by James Redfield. It's a book on philosophy and the human experience. A major thread throughout the book is the power of coincidence... and the fact that too many people ignore this power, including women, who should be embracing it with open arms.  Read more →

Vicki Wushe, author and thought leader, talks with me about retirement. It's rather like sleep walking into an uncertain future for some of us - something many of us are too familiar with in this time of corona. Here's a question: Why not use this time constructively? Why not get Vicki's book The Wealthy Retirement Plan: a revolutionary guide to living the rest of your life in style and find peace with your 'found time'. If it really is 'found time'. Read more →

There is poetry in the symmetry of that majestic tree and each flower, in each garden, you pass by on your walk each day. Each vein in each leaf shimmering in the morning sun, slipping through the curl of a new bud, fluttering in a breeze that gently nudges the knotted branches; they sing of poetry, in whispers and music so soft you must pause in your walk to hear, to listen, to absorb. Read more →

Alexandra's story itself is full of introspection and wonder and exploration. I know her as the author of this book, but she is a prolific writer and weave tales in fiction as well as non-fiction. Soul Celebrations was written to guide us on a journey into to our inner being; to help us learn to "approach the wonders of the physical universe selectively," in order to, "experience a merging with chosen aspects of nature and come away with a glorious sense of having participated in eternity." Read more →

They are not alike, and the writing process for each is similar but not the same, though I might have thought so before this talk. Yes, I might have thought, in error, that a fiction book is writing and a non-fiction book is writing, and you just do them the same, by putting your butt in your seat and writing. But with non-fiction you're more tuned in to your research and your fact basted content, and your focus is on making sure you don't mislead your readers. Whereas, in fiction, anything goes. Of course, you still have to get readers on board, dispel that feeling of disbelief, and in some of Amy's books, she adds a "this is true and this I made up" section at the back. Read more →

Dana brings a unique story to our show. She tells the story of traveling from Israel to South Africa, on a job offer, though she had many fears of learning English (though they are exposed to English in Israel, they do not use it on a daily basis and she knew it would be a challenge for her in her new country), as well as of just moving so far away from her family. Especially Mom. Read more →

I invited Deanna on the show precisely because she has more knowledge and experience than many other designers I know. I want to impress upon all of you that cover design, and inside design layout, and creating marketing materials to support the product (your book) is more than a thing of choosing a template in Canva. No offense to Canva, but your book is more important than that.  Read more →

Being seen, being heard, being connected - isn't that what we're about, ladies? Isn't it time to raise our voices above the brouhaha going on around us, and get the world's attention? It doesn't matter what you do, what wonderful business you have, or how new you are, your voice matters. Your business matters. Your connections matter. Read more →